Lonely hotel rooms.

I just reserved a room for a three night stay in Bakersfield and I paid a little (8 bucks!) extra for a single king size bed over a room with two queens. I don’t prefer king over queen, I have a queen (size bed) at home. So why pay extra?
Well, for some weird reason, having an empty bed in the room makes me feel lonesome. Staying by myself doesn’t bother me at all, I enjoy the solitude. It’s just the empty bed. It’s always been like that.
Odd, huh?

I rather like having the extra bed - it gives me more space to spread my stuff out. I tend to prefer the bed farther from the door, or closer to the bathroom, if you prefer…

I enjoy the solitude, also - it makes up for having to travel. No cats, no husband controlling the clicker, no dog barking to be let out. But mostly, I hate work-related travel, so I avoid it as much as possible.

I always go for the extra bed, too. The line “one bed for me, one bed for my stuff” usually gets a smile from the person at the front desk.

I usually like to alternate between the beds, or to use the extra bed as a “stuff platform”.

[QUOTE=FairyChatMom;12624884 I tend to prefer the bed farther from the door, or closer to the bathroom, if you prefer…

Hmmm…maybe this is just selective memory, or something, but I seem to recall that most of the time, the bathroom is right next to the door to the room.

Nearly every non-suite hotel room I’ve stayed in is like this.

As for the question, I don’t care all that much. A second bed is good for putting stuff on, and it seems a shame to waste all that space in a king size bed, but it isn’t all that important.

I generally get a king bed if available, because of my height. But, having the space on the extra bed to spread things out on is a wonderful luxury while traveling.

If you ever find yourself at the Downtown Mariott in Salt Lake City, ask the desk clerk very nicely if you can have one of the “NBA” rooms. It’s where visiting basketball teams stay during the season and they have special rooms for the players. The beds are HUGE and the showerheads are about 10 feet off the ground.

I don’t give a crap. When I stay in a hotel it’s usually because I’m dead-tired. One bed, two beds, doesn’t matter as long as there’s a bed. And a toilet and a shower.

Some of the cheaper hotels out there have the bathroom at the opposite end from the door - OK, maybe they’re motels rather than hotels…

I prefer two queens when I travel; one for me, one for the dogs.

The rooms that feel loneliest to me are large, sparse Motel 6 and Super 8 rooms with one queen-sized bed. There’s all that room, and it’s filled with … nothing.

I’ve worked in hotels almost my whole life and that is a very common line. People always would say something like “I want to lay out all my stuff.”

Unless they’re under 25, then they’re lying and they’re gonna have a party. :smiley:

This reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where Murray has a fight with his wife so he stays the night at Ted’s flat.

Murray walks into the bedroom to see two beds

Murray) Ted why do you have twin beds?

Ted) In case I have a chick that wants to spend the night

More importantly, sir: why on Earth are you coming here? I mean, I live here and all, but I mean. . .:smiley:

Tuck the pillows under the blankets to make it look like someone is sleeping there.

poof No more lonely!

Those aren’t pillows!!!

It took me a moment to get what you mean by “here”. Now I remember you from another thread a long time ago. My two daughters and my three grandkids live there. I’m coming for a visit. I grew up there, but moved out over thirty years ago. Not my kind of habitat.

creepout factor +120! :d

Creepout nothing! Do you know what “lucid dreaming” is? :wink:
Mean Mr. Mustard hints at what I’m talking about.


I’m still not sure what you mean, but mmm’s answer, after reading your post, was freak-out inducing. I think.

Maybe, in my lucid dream, those weren’t pillows. Just as he says. :eek:
Now you can freak out.