Separate hotel beds for couples

You and your SO are staying at a hotel and the only room available has two twin beds. You are both fully grown adults.

What do you do?

I’ve slept in a twin with someone else and there just isn’t enough room on a twin even for two smaller-than-average adults, and I’d really rather not move hotel furniture around (and I’m sure that hotels don’t like that either), so I’ll just sleep separately.

This has happened to us from time to time (although usually two queens instead of two twins). We love each other a whole lot, but neither of us are huge into contact while we’re sleeping, so being in a separate bed in the same room is basically a non-issue. Snoring at a distance is apparently, somehow better than me snoring in her face, I guess. :slight_smile:

If we expect to get any sleep, we’ll sleep separately. I’m pretty sure after 35 years of marriage, we can survive. Heck, we’ve been in hotels with 2 doubles and we’ll each take one because space!!


My parents and my paternal grandparents slept on twin beds, so they would have just slept normally.

We would push the beds together, if possible. Otherwise, we would lie down together in one bed until she kicks me out to the other bed.

Sleep separately. We share a Tempurpedic at home, which is brilliant for eliminating motion transfer when one person gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Hotels always have conventional mattresses, which make it impossible to avoid waking the other person when one of us gets up. Frankly, we prefer separate beds in a hotel if there’s a choice in the matter.

Separate beds. If that is all that is available then it is an inconvenience but it’s only while we’re staying there. What’s the big deal? We both travel for work so the idea of sleeping separately, or in a hotel bed is not unexpected for us.

Sleep separately. I am a nuclear furnace and prolonged contact in a twin bed will result in smoldering bedclothes.

I’m currently single and have never encountered this situation when I had a partner but based on my former bf, I voted sleep together in 1 bed. Or at least we would start out that way. He’s a sprawler so I may well end up on the floor.

if we’re staying a few days we push the beds together, otherwise if it’s just one night we sleep separately, which is what I voted for.

Separate beds. Our marriage will survive.

Exactly this. :slight_smile:

I’ve shared a twin bed a handful of times, when I was in my early 20s, with my girlfriend of the time, who was svelter than my curvy now-wife. Even then, it wasn’t terribly comfortable (even if there was a romantic aspect to it).

My wife and I have a queen bed at home, and both of us would love to have a bit more space for sleeping (but a king-sized bed simply wouldn’t fit in our bedroom). So, if we’re traveling, we love to get a king, or, if that fails, and we wind up in a room with two beds, we’ll each take one, and enjoy being able to spread out.

Conflicted: both of our comfort preference says push the beds together and stay in contact, her sleeping preference says this snorer should sleep in a different hotel.

Separate question: is this situation (twin beds in a hotel room) common? I can’t personally recall any instances, at least in the US. Even in Europe and Asia I don’t recall anything less than a full except at hostels.

Separate. We sleep in a king at home. I needs my leg space, I have long------ long legs. And he’s not small, at all.

( is this a poem?)

We’ve been together for decades. While I love my SO, and I love snuggling together at night, there is no way we’re sharing a twin bed. Maybe when we were in our 20s, the relationship was new, and opportunities to share a bed were rare, we would have shared a twin. Today, sleeping > sharing a twin.

She will still be my wife when we wake up, and after 31 years if separate hotel beds is a deal breaker it may be that we have larger issues to resolve. :wink:

We completely wreck one bed, and sleep together in clean sheets in the other.

…kinda wanna find a hotel for tonight now.