September 1st - I'm 43

Today I turn 43.

Sure I have a little more of a gut than I did 10 yers ago, but it’s not so bad. I think going back to the gym was a good idea.

I’ve got three lovely daughters. We have a standing agreement - no presents, but hugs all day whenever I ask.

The whole family is meeting at my parents tonight for dinner - Mom’s a great cook, should be an excellent meal and it’ll be good to see everyone.

All in all, 43’s not so bad :smiley:

Happy birthday!

I wish you well and good health! Rock on, dude!.

Happy belated birthday wishes,** Zoid**. I hope your birthday is everything you wanted-- sounds like a really good plan you guys have.

43 is so young… (jealous here)

BTW, my niece Véronique turned 21 on September 1st also.

Happy Birthday, Zoid! Your forties and fifties are the absolute heart of life!

“Catch the joy as it flies!” – William Blake

Happy birthday!

One more month till I’m 64 and my partner’s 44 (same day).

Thanks everybody!

And Happy Birythday to you and your partner panache45!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!