September rants - sorry, no cute name

What can I say, it’s not even 5am…
Apparently, my video club puts up links to new videos before actually uploading them to their servers. I want my third season of Misfits, damnit!

What if no cute name turns out to be the cutest yet?
(I like it; it’s better than a convoluted pun that half of us don’t get until halfway through the month)

September scorn
We hated until the night
Became a brand new day…

We’d actually kinda voted on “Deviated Septumbrants” as the new thread name in the old thread, and I’d been chosen to start the new thread. So boo. :mad:
Grouch grumble gripe grump grouse!

On the plus side, it means I don’t have to stay up quite so late.

I want my fourth season of “Misfits” on Netflix (well, I want season four and five, but I’ll take four for now!).

Chosen? Since when are we choosing who gets to start a thread? Makes me feel like I’m back in 1st grade…

Do you remember
The 21 rants of September

It was nothing more than me asking if I could start the new thread, and someone approving…:rolleyes:

Darn it, I’m supposed to phone someone today and I’ve lost the phone number. Ah well, it wasn’t that important anyway.

“Try to Remember the Rants of September”? Just sayin’.

We already had “Remember, remember, the rants of November” and “Try to remember the rants of September” last year.

Oh, well. I never pay attention to the rant and MMP threads… goes to show ya.

Here’s my rant: God damnsticks, you are whiny as fuck.

Is it because I grouched, grumbled, griped, grumped, *and *groused? If it’ll make you feel better, in my next rant, I’ll leave out the grousing. Maybe I’ll even skip the grumping.

It was the first of September, another creepy crusty Doris Day
I was out groping cotton and my brother was wailing “Hey!”…

Played Advanced Civilization for the first time in like 14 years. Lots of fun. But over the course of more than 10 hours of play, I drank 2 Cherry Coke Zeros and 2 24-oz Diet Mountain Dews. Way more than I usually drink of that kind of stuff. Then of course, I was up until 4am because I was so overloaded with caffeine. And when I did get to sleep, Maggie kept trying to wake me up at 6 when my weekday alarm would have gone off, then again about an hour later.

I played Asia and came in 2nd of 6. 164 points behind the winner, about 250 points ahead of the next player.

My guy is on his way to his parents’ house today for pizza on the new Big Green Egg. I have yet to see this thing in action even though they’ve had it almost two weeks and they use it every day because EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ TIME HE GOES OVER THERE, I HAVE TO WORK!!! I can’t go without him because my vehicle doesn’t like the trip. I don’t want to work today dammit. It’s the last day of the spur of the moment extra 40% off clearance items which means there will be nothing left and people will be bitching about it all damn day, as if there’s anything I can do about it.

Oh yeah and we’re having thunderstorms off and on all day today (which is awesome because I love them and people tend to not come to shoe stores in crappy weather) but one of my dogs has randomly decided that she’s afraid of thunderstorms (I guess this balances out her randomly deciding she’s no longer afraid of stairs earlier in the week). I don’t want to leave her on her first day of being a scaredy dog. :frowning:

I want a cigarette.

Have you looked into getting a thundershirt?

This is largely pointless gibberish.

I can’t think of anything lately that has annoyed me enough for a big major rant. Though maybe something will come along…

I got a “Hey, let’s get together” Facebook message out of the blue from one of my friends. We were close in high school, but we drifted apart after graduation, and I bet it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve seen her. She moved to another state a while back.

I’ve got some alarm bells going off in my head, so I respond with “When are you going to be in town?”

She comes back with “Oh, I’m here right now! I have this wonderful business opportunity I’d just love to share with you! We have such awesome products, you just gotta try them!” :smack: She sends me a link to her catalog site, it’s some vitamin company I’ve never heard of before.

I suddenly had to babysit my nieces, if you know what I mean.