Sequals and Remakes that didn't quite "make it".

Make up a Sequal or Remake of a movie,
that if ever made,
might not do extremely well at the box office…
or the bargain bin!

“ISHTAR II:Since you didn’t see the first one”.

“FRIDAY THE 13th…uh, What number are we on?”

“THE ALAMO II:Revenge of Crocketts Coonskin Hat”

“2121:The Year We Won’t Live To See Anyways.”


“Casablanca…Now In Color!!!”

The Maltese Vulture

Logan’s Shuffle ("There’s only one catch – life ends at 90!)

Escape From Cleveland (AThis legendary hesit was mentioned in both films, iirc; a friend and I just figured he walked out of town)

The Princess Housewife (Westley and Buttercup live boringly everafter)

Sir Rhosis

^^^“heist” not hesit.

Immortal Beloved II - Beethoven De-Composes

Man-Thing II - We still couldn’t think of a plot, but there’ll be blood and breasts!

Pride and Prejudice II- This time it’s personal.
Howard the Duck-The Prequel I Am Only an Egg.
The Englishman Who Went Up an Even Smaller Hill and Came Down a Much, Much Bigger mountain
Catwoman II Hairballs
Torah, Torah, Torah Yeshiva students go to war
Conan the Librarian (or any other occupation you can think of except barbarian)

Gone With the Wind II: Rhett really did give a damn.

I was thinking

Gone With the Wind II: Yep, Still Gone

Better than my original thought:

Gone With the Wind II: This time with less boredom.

All My Children;the movie

The young and the Restless; The Movie

AS the Edge of the Secret Storm Turns at Night; Incredible Cast, Lousy plot

Now Dark Shadows the Movie woould actually stand a chance.

You’re Dead Jim, the search for Kirk.

Came like the Wind; a disatisfied housewife searches for Southerners who are not gentlemen.

Nightmare on Dickerson rd. *

okay, only Nashvillians will get this. Zoe, r you there?

*Frank N’ Stein *

A disfigured alcoholic experiences the horrors of an intervention.

The Day the World truned Left; Aliens come to visit earth but can’t find it.
Mission Impossible III* they don’t accept it and go on vacation instead.

Batman really Begins; the toddler years

War of the Wurst* two rival deli owners compete for business.
Saved II; stop your beachin’* A christian lifegaurd makes people accept Jesus before he rescues them. :smiley: ha!! I slay me.

I get the feeling that a sequel to Highlander wouldn’t do very well, if they ever made one. :smiley:

Passion of the Christ: The Sequel (obvious)

Memento II: The stuff that happened later … which actually means it’s the stuff that happened BEFOREHAND … I think … boy, this is complicated.

[li]“Land of the Dread”–A ritzy Jamaican resort erects barriers to keep out the zombified indigenous population.[/li][li]“The Bridgework of Madison County”–Our star-crossed lovers meet again 20 years later; not surprisingly, they don’t remember each other (or themselves for that matter).[/li][li]“Napoleon Dynamite II”–The filmmakers discover 2 more hours of obtuse, incomprehensible footage.[/li][li]“Legally Bland”–A C-student from Texas enters politics with surprising results![/li][/ul]

Highlander II-B, the aliens’ counterattack!

They already did:

The horror… the horror…

Speaking of that…

Apocalypse now II. Escape from the Nike factory!

Battlefield Earth II : when $cientologists strike !