Sequential Jeopary! Contestants

Just turned on Jeopardy! and saw the 2 challengers are Harley and Quinn. I wonder if the producers set that one up for Batman fans?

They film five shows a day (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 23 weeks a year), and start each morning with six male contestants and six female, plus a returning champion. They then essentially pick names out of a hat (well, two hats, one for each gender) to decide who’s going to be on the first show, and then have each of those two contestants to decide who’s going in the middle podium and who in the outer (the returning contestant always stands in the same place). After the first game, they go back to the hats to figure out who’s up next. They do all of this, plus a bunch more, in order to prevent any sort of appearance of inappropriate behavior or cheating. All of this is a long way of saying I really, really doubt it.

It was still a pretty funny coincidence. And the returning champion was Mike Nelson, so all I could think of was Mike from MST3K.

(off topic but I’m wondering now, if they film 5 shows a day, do the contestants have to bring that many changes of clothing with them in case they win and have to make it look like they didn’t show up in the same clothes for days in a row?)

You’re told to bring three changes of clothing with you, and you’re given about 15 minutes in between shows to change, use the bathroom, and have them re-touch your makeup. You’re advised to wear plain, dark pants/skirt on the bottom so that you only have to change your top, but that’s up to the individual contestant. Alex changes his suit and has his makeup touched up during that 15 minutes, also.

Thanks, GilaB, another thing I can cross off my “always wondered” list

I just brought different jackets and ties for my special day. Too bad I didn’t have to change clothes until I got back to the hotel.

The consolation prize was nice.

I believe that it’s mostly random, but have you ever seen two people with the same name on at the same time? I’m betting they avoid that somehow.

I think it is not uncommon to see 3 Males contestants (or 3 female contestants). :dubious:

checking the jeopardy! archive, on the 2/09/10 show the contestants were name Paul, Daniel, and Sean.