"Jeopardy" sweaters

I’ve been completely distracted by the women’s sweaters this week. The ones they put on over their blouses or tops. Shapeless, I think dark brown cardigans. Last nite (not sure the date, we DVR) 2 women, 2 identical sweaters. Is it very very cold in the studio? To preserve Alex or something? Does Jeopardy provide the sweaters? Do they not want bare arms? The sweaters don’t go with the outfits at all. What’s up with this?

Where I am, Jeopardy! is broadcasting the annual college tournament, and the contestants are wearing college-logo sweatshirts. That seems deliberate and, I assume, required by the show. Which episodes are you watching with people in cardigans?

The OP must be watching episodes DVRd quite a long time ago. This is the second week of the annual College Tournament. On top of that, I can distinctly remember more than a little cleavage lately.

Not that old, maybe a couple of months. I swear to god, ugly old cardigans. Arrgh, maybe I’ll take a picture of the TV tonite :smack:

I don’t know about other people, but I certainly can’t remember what someone was wearing on Jeopardy a couple of months ago.

I agree. We watch new episodes on weekdays, and on the weekends the same channels shows appx one year old reruns. I swear I don’t even remember the contestants on the older episodes, let alone what they were wearing. Sometimes not even the champions. Questions, yes, some of them are familiar. Wonder if that’s how my brain files information. Faces aren’t as important as facts?

I’ve never been on Jeopardy! but I believe they tell contestants to bring several outfits, as four or five shows are taped in one day, and they want you to look like you’re not wearing the same clothes over multiple days. (To preserve the illusion that the shows are actually on different days.) It’s possible that the contestants you saw used sweaters to get a different look.

Oy. The episodes, these last 2 or 3, may have aired a couple of months ago. We DVR them. I don’t remember, I just have seen those same damn sweaters the last few nights.

It’s OK, I must be insane. The sweater does not complement or otherwise go with the outfit at all. But thanks. :cool: