Today's Jeopardy returning champ could have worn a nice outfit

I mean, seriously, a (IMO too tight) bright orange t-shirt? You’re on an internationally syndicated, respected game show, not going to the gym. Show some freakin’ class! I’m actually surprised someone from wardrobe let him go out like that…I mean, it could be worse, granted. A slightly too-tight, solid color, t-shirt is better than a too-large tent of a shirt with an obnoxious graphic on it, but still…wear some sort of collared shirt,

And another thing: in the ‘beefeater’ category, was I the only one upset that the obvious picture of a porterhouse was referred to as a t-bone?

It was “style” day at Jeopardy.

One of the challengers wore a garish green blazer with bright yellow button down shirt and a brown tie.

Well, better than the multi-colored Weird Al clone. I shudder to think what his future clothing choices would have been

Eh, I’ve seen that a lot recently on Jeopardy…and everywhere else. It’s hipster style. The colors are glaring, yes, but so was the hunter-blaze orange t-shirt.

A porterhouse just has a somewhat larger portion of fillet included in the cut. That’s the sort of slight difference that Jeopardy would go either way on, answer-wise.

Ah, but the clue definitely said they were looking for a hyphenated name for the cut, and I don’t know of anyone who ever wrote “porter-house.”

I’m wondering if the champ only packed a couple of nice outfits, didn’t want to “repeat”, and hasn’t been able to go shopping. The t-shirt was an odd choice, especially since what he wore in his previous appearances weren’t all that out of the ordinary.

I hope he went out and purchased a new shirt–his moobs were distracting.

You didn’t mention his ginormous 80s-style glasses.

I did like the reoccuring $20.00 gag.

The blazer and shirt burnt my retina and I could only focus on the clothes.

I thought it was funny for the Daily Double, but for the Final Jeopardy it was stupid, stupid, STUPID! I mean, he was far enough ahead that he could have made a real bid to make more money, wasn’t he? He could have bid like “$5020”, similar to his Daily Double.

No. He had $18,680, and his nearest opponent had $8600. The most he could’ve risked without blowing a lock game was $1479.

Well my amounts were off, but my point still stands. Why didn’t he bet $1420? Or even $1020? He still gets his cute joke in, and makes more money.

I mean…I suppose when you’ve already got a couple dozen thousand, another thousand isn’t that much more, but still…

The really stupid thing was that he needed to wager $40, not $20 in FJ. He still needed to win back the $20 lost at home, plus the $20 he lost in the daily double.

You just know the third contestant fretted over her look and her outfit then got out there and had a major WTF moment. The guy in red and the Weird Al guy canceled each other out.

That could be it, as they tape up to five episodes in a single day. He could also spilled something on his clothes in the green room.

If you got a “lock” game, and you don’t feel good about the category, why would you risk $1500 when you can risk $20?

Heck, I see 3 or 4 people in the Ca$h Cab who don’t take a chance to double their winnings from $300 to $600.

He looked exactly like a charector from Sesame Street

Yes, and I’m wondering what his shoes looked like.