Sequential Minecraft anyone? (and an uber save file)

I got to thinking, with the multiplayer so damn buggy it might be fun to have a sequential Minecraft game, give each player a few days or a week to do whatever they want, then pass the save on to the next person.

I got this idea when I was creating an Uber Save of DOOM! I have a save where there are about 60 large chests each full of stacks or blocks of an in game item. its a bit haphazard but I didnt make it for the looks, its just a nice starting point for some solo fun when what you really want to do is play survival with a ton of stuff to build with instead of starting from scratch.

not sure of the best way to share this file though, was thinking I would just post it as a torrent for peeps to download or maybe via email.

what do you guys think?

It could be fun. I think we could get some interested folks. Of course, you’d have to also post how to get the saved games to the appropriate spot in your computer.

thats pretty easy, if you hit the windows key and R at the same time or hit Start then Run just copy and paste


and hit enter to find your saved files

Easy for you to say!

Yeah, that’s not a language I understand.

here is a video showing how to find your minecraft saves folder (note the video is still saving as of 8:52 on 3-26-11 so it should be finished before 9:30pm)

I hope that answers the questions about save files :slight_smile:

This sounds similar to Chain World. Indie Developers were challenged to design a “religious” game, and one of the guys who participated co-opted Minecraft to make his play for the prize. He modified it and stuck it on a USB drive, then gave it away to some random guy to play until he died, at which point that guy had to pass it on to some other guy. And so on. The second guy right away decided to disregard the rules, however.