Serendipity and Chaos Theory are Amazing Things

I got laid off in June and, like so many others, I didn’t have much luck in the job market for months. One side off my family was starting to belittle me to the point of bullying about the issue although they couldn’t hope to understand all of the things like unemployment and health insurance that are wrapped up in a situation like mine and those of many others. I was about to crack.

My youngest brother (nine years younger than me) is a Coast Guard officer stationed in Hawaii. He got drunk off his ass and gave me the most drunken, belligerent phone call of my life at 1 am because he wasn’t capable of understanding time zones at that point. I handled it calmly but I was pissed.

He pissed me off so badly that I couldn’t sleep so I just fired off a bunch of resumes randomly and renewed the status on the big resume boards just because that I had just to kill time before sunrise and I could call my mother (brothers are never too old to tell on their brothers to their mother).

A day later, I got a call from a consulting company asking me if I could start on Monday because they desperately needed someone. I got the job with two hours of phone interviews right away and it starts on Monday. It is a really good job and more than I was expecting in this economy. I will be a Senior Consultant supporting a manufacturing plant for a Jonhson & Johnson company and it is a salaried position with great benefits. If it sounds too good to be true…well sometimes it is true.

If my asshole little brother hadn’t given me that phone call, I doubt that this would ever have happened. Chaos theory makes me paranoid sometimes. I am going to have to watch the butterflies a lot more closely next summer. My little brother is still going to be in big trouble with my mother though.

Congratulations on the job. Now you have to send little brother a thank-you note!

Thank you very much. Oh no, my mother is up here visiting right now. I am still the eldest child and the father of two of the only young girls that she may ever have in the family. I am 36 but, if there is one thing that will kept you dead in your tracks, it is a phone call from Momma. My little brother accidentally did me a favor but he had no idea that would happen so I am faced with the double responsibility of unleashing the monster upon him and celebrating and doing the best job I can. I plan to do both. I swear that if I hadn’t gotten that drunken phone call, this never would have happened. It almost makes me paranoid to do anything because even washing my dishes could affect the history of human civilization 500 years from now.

Ah, but consider the depths to which human progress might sink if you don’t wash those dishes.

Congrats on the new job. I hope it will be both enjoyable and profitable for many years.

Give your mom a kiss from a talking mouse on a message board, she sounds like a good mom. As mine reminds me “I don’t care how old your are. You’re still my child.”

Congrats on the new job! Wishing you success and happiness with it.

Merely by breathing you’re changing human history. And you don’t have to wait 500 years. Six months is plenty.

The point of chaos theory isn’t that occasionally ONE tiny random trigger will have a huge effect. In a chaotic system ALL minor local variations eventually lead to large global effects. EVERY slight draft caused by the flutter of a butterfly’s wings or the flicker of an eyelash leads to an irreversible cascade that eventually will affect the global weather, and, consequentially, human history.

Congratulations on the job!

Congratulations! Actually, congratulations to your employers, because they have got themselves a real asset in you.