Serenity Now! (Screening tonight - no spoilers!)

I’m seeing Serenity tonight! Who else is going? Let us all do the excited happy dance together.

I’m going! :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I knew nothing about Firefly until about 2 weeks ago when I was at my BIL’s house and he showed me the DVD of the first episode. I was instantly hooked and had to go out and buy the DVD set for myself.

My 18yo son had already seen all the episodes, and to his credit had tried to get me interested but I kept brushing him off. His main viewing taste runs to anime and I thought he was just babbling about another of his Japanese cartoon series.

Anyway, we were able to snag a pair of tickets on eBay ($59.00 for 2 tickets - ouch!) but he and I are both excited about going.

I’m going!!!

Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon!

My day was going great until a client left a message that he will be here at 8 tomorrow morning. Arggggghhhhhhh.

Oh, well, still worth it.

You all suck.

Have fun!

I’m going, and the theater is an hour away. Naturally, I have a 9 am meeting tomorrow.

I’m supposed to be at work at 8 on Fridays. Hahahaha! (Of course, my coworkers’ heads would probably explode if I actually got here that early…ever. Punctuality isn’t exactly my forte.)

Seven and a half more hours! I am really enjoying the anticipation. You know how you insist your friends watch or read something you like because you know they’ll love it, and then you get jealous because they’re watching or reading it for the first time and you’ll never get that again? Well, that’s us right now! Or, it’s me at least, I don’t know who all has seen it before. Anyway, fun fun.

I’m going, thanks to my roomie with the connections.

I am so thrilled and overjoyed.

Does anyone know how long the moive is supposed to be? It’s starts at 10 here (in Boston), and I worry that I’ll miss the last T home…

I haven’t been able to find anything online that shows the length, probably because it’s still in pre-release form and hasn’t been finalized yet. I don’t know what time the last T is, but I think you should plan at least 2 1/2 and possibly 3 hrs to be on the safe side.

I’m going, I hope. I’m supposed to be getting my ticket at the theater from an Internet Stranger, so I hope that everything goes as planned and I get to see the movie.

I’ve got my tickets.

I bought two tickets for some very good friends and that evening went over to their house with the Firefly DVD box set. “I bought us tickets to see Serenity,” I said, “and you’ve got two weeks to watch this.”

“What’s this show?” they asked.

“Trust me. Watch it. Then we’ll go and see the movie that continues it.”

“I don’t know,” they said, “what if we don’t like it?”

“If you don’t want to go I’m sure I can find a dozen people at work who would pay good money for the tickets.”

So I went by their house again last week and the first words out of their mouth when I got there were, “You haven’t given the tickets away have you?”

Unfortunately they watched the show with another pair of my friends who are now upset that I only got three tickets…

So I went by their house again

I’m SOL on tonight’s screening. Waaaaaaahhh!!! :frowning:

Sigh. Maybe the next one (assuming they keep this “once a month” thing going).

That’s awesome. You can’t stop the signal!

Damn right.

::Sigh:: Last train would be at 12:30…

I was hoping someone here had seen on of the previous screenings and could tell me…

Orual, I was at the Boston screening last time. The movie finished up pretty much exactly at midnight, a couple minutes after tops, and it took a few minutes to get out with the crowd and everything. Your timing depends on if you just need the T to get around Boston or if you have to catch a train heading out of the city, I think - the first should be fine but the second might be touchy since of course then you have to get to South Station before the 12:30 leaves.

Thanks so much Kiros!

I just need to catch the Red Line, I live right on it.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled dancing and frolcking about!


I just got back from the Cincinnati screening. No spoilers here (you’ll have to make your own decisions about that, though I recommend being strong and waiting to see it) but the movie is amazingly good. It’s everything we’d hoped for- captures the things we love about Firefly in a form that will appeal to fans and newbies alike. IMHO, it’ll be the Big Movie of the Year.

Joss Whedon is a mad genius.

Just got back.

It was all I hoped for. It was marvelous. The second unit director was there for a Q&A, which was cool.

Joss owns my soul. He has for nearly eight years.

Not really a spoiler:

But I still curse his black heart!

All you gorram stupid 邪恶的人民 who went and saw it, can all just ruttin’ die.

I’ve been watching the DVDs again over the last two days, and am now a lot more upset about not getting to go see it than I was a few weeks ago.

Cheer up, SaneOne! I’m sure there will be more screenings for those of us who missed out! :slight_smile:

There’d better be, anyway… grits teeth