Serenity Weekend II: who's going?

Me and I’m taking my nephew – not the one with feathers – and a friend.

Who else is going back?

Given that I saw it the first time at a free screening, I will probably go back (brother-in-law in tow, since he claims to like SF) eventually to show some financial support.

This weekend though? Probably not (work’s got me slammed). Next weekend’s a wedding I’ll be out of town for. So 15 days from now, maybe…

Saw it last weekend, contributed to Wednesday’s gross, heading back Sunday. Still hoping Kaylee gets nekkid somewhere… :smiley:

Haven’t seen it yet. Heard it was pretty good. Going to try and get the wife to go this weekend, but may be too busy.


I paid for it the first time on Wednesday. I’m going to try to go this weekend with Mrs. Cliffy.


I didn’t get to see it last weekend, but the odds are very good that I’ll see it this weekend. Does that count?

What, all three of you? :smiley:

Whaddya mean, ‘going back’? It wasn’t on last weekend over here!

I saw it opening night with a friend and intend to see it again tomorrow night with a different one.

She’s currently watching disc four in of *Firefly *in preparation for it.

Saw it twice last weekend. I’m going to try to take the wife this weekend, if I can manage it.

I’m not going. My friends are either broke or busy, and my girlfriend wants to stay in tonight. I’m setting my sights on next weekend…

You missed the part where she shows the …?

Dude, get back, and don’t blink!

I only saw it Tuesday, and I’m still away from home, so it ain’t likely. However, the friend I saw it with had already been to a Saturday matinee with his dad…

I convinced about half my students to see it this weekend, I think. Was it wrong to mention that the extra credit questions on next week’s quiz will be on the movie? :smiley:

I saw it for the first time this afternoon (I don’t have a car and so couldn’t get out last weekend to see it) and will see it again on Sunday.

I didn’t make it last weekend, so I’ll be at the early saturday matinee. :slight_smile:

Anybody think we have a shot at topping the box office this time? For real?? :slight_smile:

My husband and I saw it twice last weekend. He’s going again tonight with a friend (while I have to work :frowning: ) and we are taking 2 other friends tomorrow.

My husband and I are going again tomorrow, and this time we’re bringing my mom and my sister. We went last weekend, and I went with a friend of mine on Wednesday, because a local theater had it on an UltraScreen ::drools::

Not a chance. The Wallace and Gromit movie will probably do three or four times the business of Serenity, I’d guess.

I’ll be ecstatic if Serenity can stay within 80% of what it did last weekend. IMO, if Serenity can finish its theatrical run with a domestic sales of maybe 30 million, then there will probably be a sequel, because I expect DVD sales to at least equal the domestic box office, and maybe do much better than that. And it could still do quite well internationally.

But if Serenity only does 3-4 million this weekend, and 1-2 million the weekend after, we’re in trouble, sequel-wise.

I’ll be seeing it again, and I’ll be dragging friends along with me… willingly, if possible, with chains, if not. :wink: