Serenity Psych

The website Can’t Stop The Signal has yet to be updated with the next round of Serenity previews on May 26th.

But the Atlanta cinema is already sold out. Darn it.

Supposedly this preview will be seen in 20 cities. The original 10 plus 10 more.

Joss saying it will air gain and in more places:


Thank you soooooo much for this post :slight_smile: I caught it on my lunch break SDMB swing… headed over to the Browncoats, checked the DC link, and was pissy that they were sold out. Then, my ever so brilliant self thought… hmmm, I’m going to be home on May 26th, not in Baltimore. So I promptly brought up Boston and was able to buy two tickets since they went on sale a couple hours later. Soooooooo ecstatic! :slight_smile:

N9IWP, your link does not say there will be additional previews after the 26th.

Kiros, good going! You’ll love it!

Am I the only one who thinks these previews are a bad idea?

Seriously, all us fanboys want this movie to work big time, and presumably the movie will be tweaked and re-edited based on the audience reaciton. But what’s the point of tailoring a movie so it will be more appreciated by the general public when only fanboys are cramming their way into theatres? I want people who know nothing about Firefly to see this movie, tell me what they didn’t get, and then make sure everything’s explained to their satisfaction for the next round of folks so word of mouth will convince everyone to see this movie from September to year’s end.

Barbarian, I’m right with you in that sentiment. But at the same time, I loved seeing the movie and would see it again in any form.

Barbarian, I don’t believe there’s much tweaking going to be done on audience reaction. These aren’t test screenings. These are buzz builders. They’re so far extraordinarily successful about getting people who were fans to talk about the upcoming movie and, if the film is any good at all, it’s going to provide a source of folks talking it up on opening day.


Got tickets for Hartford! Shiny!

I don’t suppose you’re willing to share with your ol’ pal Cliffy, huh?

j/k – I couldn’ take the drive up.


Woohoo! I got tickets to the Miami showing!