What's the skinny on the Firefly movie

Just watched Revenge of the Sith, and was much intrigued by the adverts for a Firefly movie. So what is the skinny on this movie?

What do you want to know? That’s kind of a general question. It’s a continuation of the TV series, it’s due for release this fall, and all the major characters from the TV show are in it.

And the trailer ROCKS. One of the films of the year as far as I am concerned.

Having seen the screener version of the movie, and not wanting to spoil, I will say this: If you have seen and liked the TV show, you’ll enjoy the movie. If you saw the TV show and didn’t like it (I’m sure there’s some of these people out there somewhere, you probably won’t enjoy the movie. If you never saw the TV show, you may still enjoy the movie, but you’ll miss or “not get” a number of things.

The full version is due for release on September 30th. There are screening events approximately once a month (the third one is coming up on June 23rd) in selected cities (the first round was 10 cities, the second 20, the coming one 35); however, the screenings generally sell out within minutes of the tickets going up on the internet.

The official-type message boards are here, require free registration to view, and are generally one of the better sources of all information about Firefly and Serenity.

Thanks. I wanted to know anything about it. Good to know it is following on from the TV series and not a remake for big screen of existing material.

Are you sure? I thought Shepherd Book was dropped. (I hope I’m wrong. His backstory would be the most interesting, I think).

Yep he’s in it. I’ve seen it. It rocks. It rocks like a fox in a box full of socks.

September 30. You can’t stop the signal.

If they dropped Ron Glass or any one of the nine crewmembers from the movie, it would be like disowning a member of the family. You don’t do that to family!

I’m seeing it next week! :: happy dance ::

Is he in it a lot?? Or just kind of a cameo, or something in between??

I’d heard that he appeared, but because of new commitments they couldn’t get much shooting time with Ron, so his part had to be scaled down virtually to a cameo. (I’m not complaining, I’ll take any Book that I can get. :smiley: )


It’s more than a cameo, but he does have probably the least screen time of any of the major characters in the movie, possibly because of the rumor you mentioned.

Excellent. Thanks for setting my mind at ease.

I’ll be there in Sept.

A question for those who have already seen this…I have tickets for the preview screening this Thursday, and I’m getting excited. One concern, however, is that given the theatrical venue there may be more overt sexuality and nudity than they were able to get away with on network TV.

Can anyone confirm or deny this without getting into spoilers?




FatBaldGuy: The sexuality/nudity level is squarely PG-13, and nothing Fox hasn’t gotten away with any number of times on TV.

Anyone else think they are shooting themselves in the foot by doing these special screenings. Firefly fans are fanatic but VERY low in number. Letting a signifigant portion of your audience see the movie before it officially opens is going to hurt the box office IMO. Are they hoping word of mouth and fanatical re-viewings of it are going to make it a “hit”.

Partly, but then again, any Firefly fan dedicated enough to score tickets to the screener is pretty likely to go see it when it officially opens as well. I’d venture these screeners are to get the fans pumped up so they get their friends and acquaintances pumped up in time for the movie.

Case in point: Although I haven’t gotten tickets for an advance screening, I lent my box set of DVDs to my mom with the explicit desire to have her watch them, like them, and to go see the movie when it comes out.

Word has it that the preview screenings will be counted in first-week box office receipts, so this isn’t an issue. :slight_smile:

There’s some 30 screenings, all of which sold out in minutes, and show a handful of times over the summer. That’s a drop in the ocean, even among Firefly fans. Besides, allmost all of those guys will see it again come September. I know I will. Then I’ll buy the DVD when that’s out. It’s that gorram good.

Universal and Joss Whedon know the score here. Firefly is a sci-fi/western hybrid with no aliens and less flashy tech than most science-fiction movies. It has *nine * main characters, none of whom are played by big-name stars. It doesn’t even really have the kind of plot that’s usually associated with sci-fi blockbusters. It’s based on a failed TV show. They’ll be all the usual ads and such, but it’s still a hard sell.

But it’s got fans. More fans than it had when it has on TV. Fans that love this stuff. Fans who will evangelize this thing. Fans who will pay bums on teh streer to see this thing to make sure it has a good opening weekend. Browncoats. The fans are this things best hope, so of course they wnat to get us excited, get us talking about, get us to bring our friends to see this thing.

We are the Shepards, and its up to us, the fans, to bring in the flock.

Thanks, Kiros. I appreciate the info.