"Serenity" advance screening!

June 23, 2005.

Getcher tickets here, browncoats. :smiley:

Holy crap holy crap holy crap! There’s one in memphis! psyched

None in Knoxville. We got Cinderella Man and other like movies in prescreens, but none of the big sci-fi ones.

SOB! There’s one in my area and it won’t let me buy tickets!

Hey now, I’m making the trek from Murfreesboro, you should be able to make the extra 4 or 5 hours from Knoxville!

(Okay, not really, it’s just that my girlfriend (who happens to be a huge Firefly junkie as well) is going to be near the area that day, so we decided to hang around for it.)

Um, the locations listed at that link are for the advanced screenings that took place May 26

Sorry, I take that back. I just refreshed the page and now it says June 23. It doesn’t look like the tickets are on sales yet.

But it says June 23rd at the top. :confused:

“Sorry, showtimes are not available for this theater on Thursday, June 23, 2005.”

Gnghk. Damn you, Servooooooo!

Movietickets.com is a daily stop for me here on out.

Threads on Firefly forum indicate a few cities have already gone on sale and sold out. A bunch (but maybe not all) are going on sale this morning.

D.C. is sold out already.



Boston - Sold Out.

Sydney not listed

Which forum is that??

I just gotta get into the Toronto show if there’s any possible way to. :slight_smile:

Apparently Atlanta is sold out, the only movie listed on the theatre’s site as linked is Batman Begins. Damnit.



Same in toronto, I’m hoping that’s actually the ‘not on sale yet’ condition. If it were sold out, I think they’d indicate that, instead of just leaving it empty.

You are correct. Both Fandango and Movie-tickets will still have a sold-out show listed; you just won’t be able to buy tickets for the listed time. Any showing that doesn’t appear at all has not yet gone on sale. Considering that Seattle, D.C., and the other showings have sold out within five minutes of going on sale, that still probably doesn’t help our chances much. :frowning:

Still, that does mean that demand for tickets is ridiculously high. Assuming that fans, not scalpers, are getting most of the tickets, this could bode well for Serenity’s chances of box office success. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll do my best. If other people beat me to it, then I can probably wait until September okay (or maybe until the next round of advances.) I just couldn’t live with having let the chance slip through my hands from not doing enough. :slight_smile:

I can wait until September but I’d really like to see it now. I’m going to be checking that page like crazy until they’re sold out or I have them…