Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

Heh, I was trying to think of a PC way for an old white guy to say that. Permanent resting……

Heh, I didn’t even think about that!

Watched the first two episodes of the new Apple+ science fiction series Sunny. Not sure exactly how to characterize it, somewhat a dark comedy with thriller and mystery elements. About Rashida Jones and a robot in Japan.

Started Deadloch. Don’t hate it, but don’t love it, either. The show is trying to have it both ways, injecting quirky humor into a serious situation and failing, IMO, to achieve the right balance. Problem is, after about the third or fourth time the outside detective fucked something up, misdirected me, or deliberately sabotaged me, if I were the senior sergeant I would have simply beat the shit out of her and locked her in the jail “Green Mile” style. More than one person has been killed and the time for silly buffoonery is fucking over.

The tone changes remarkably from the pilot so by the third episode much of what’s bothering you is dialed back. They clearly tried something to kick the show off and realized it was wearing thin quickly.

I watched all of it and enjoyed the first two episodes least.

So which way does it turn? Funny or serious?

I was intrigued, but haven’t started watching.

Wacky zany off the wall antics in the pilot to mildly humorous small town murder mystery with some odd characters by episode 3. At least that’s how I would characterize it almost a year later.

I nearly gave up after the first episode, but was glad I persevered.

A Discovery of Witches

Stunned that we have not liked this show. It had a premise we thought was fine and I had heard positive things, but my wife and I were very surprised that it is almost entirely a romance novel type thing.

Outlander, another show you could put in the romance category, is one of our favorites. Outlander has actual interesting stories aside from the romance. Discovery of Witches has nothing.

I presume we will quit. We only watched season 1.

I wasn’t as patient as you are. Might have to give it another try.

Watching the new Rick and Morty episodes on Netflix. The first new one kicks immediately off with a whirlwind of meta- and meta-meta-storytelling, but keeps it moving fast enough not to complete disappear up its own backside. But the season (or half-season, I guess) is still young.

“That’s Amorte” is the only stand-out episode that absolutely shines. I laughed so hard. Loved it.

That’s the spaghetti bolognese one isn’t it? Yep that’s a good 'un.

We got s7 last year on E4 in the UK so I’ve watched them for a second time on Netflix. Real mixed bag, some were not good but others were excellent. The last two in particular, with Vikings and The Hole respectively were especially good.

Just so we’re clear… you’re referring to season 7 of Rick and Morty, which came out months ago?

The second half of the season just came out on Netflix here.

Yes, Fall 2023.

Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla dropped last night on Netflix so there’s my schedule for this week.

We just started Northern Exposure. Not the best show ever, likely overdoes it on the quirk, and IIRC it jumps the shark at some point. But for the first 3-4 eps, it is pleasant and entertaining enough. No rape, murder or mayhem, which is often our target these days!

I just finished the Netflix series Supracell about a group of Black people (an important plot point) in south London who develop super powers and run afoul of a sinister organization. The first episode starts a bit slow, but throws in something at the end that gets everything going, and by the end of the series, things are intense indeed.

There’s also Scavenger’s Reign, an animated series about the crew of a spaceship that are trying to survive on an alien world. The ecology of the world is truly alien and dangerous.

I saw that pop up but after Misfits anything else in a similar vein will pale in comparison.