Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

Oh, yeah, absolutely, I’m right there with you on that one.

Is that the Kansas City one? We only made it through three or four episodes. I wish they hadn’t abandoned the Solversons (what a great name!) as the thread running through every season like I thought they would after the first two seasons.

Yeah, with Chris Rock. It’s basically a prequel to the Mike Milligan character from S2.

I just watched episode 6. And I really love this series! It hits all the right notes for me.

I feel the same. They tried something different with season 4 which is to be commended, but it just didn’t work. I still watched it all, but it’s easily the weakest of the 4.

I’ve rewatched the first 3 seasons at least once (maybe twice?) but have no desire to revisit season 4.

I read somebody observing that the cast of And Just Like That are older than the cast of The Golden Girls were in their first season.

Rue McClanahan: 53
Bea Arthur: 54
Betty White: 55

Cynthia Nixon: 55
Kristin Davis: 56
Sarah Jessica Parker: 56

Online or is your PBS station ahead of mine?


I source my TV from many places. So let’s say Online. They released all 8 episodes on the BBC iPlayer.

Same here. I also like to watch them in chron order, which is (I think) 2, 1, 3.

Agreed mostly but I will say Season 4 was worth watching for Jesse Buckley’s performance as the killer nurse.

We finished Landscapers last night. Thank the gods it was only four episodes long, as it got really tedious. The whole story could have been reduced to a simple hour and a half movie instead of trying to be all avant garde and edgy. It failed in both. Olivia Coleman is a terrific actor and didn’t need to suffer through all the meaningless embellishments the show’s creator put them through.

I’m working my way through this one and had to wonder that there were only two detectives (basically) on such a case.

To my surprise, there is now a Season 3 of “After Life”, a Ricky Gervais series on Netflix. A lot of people don’t like him, but he has moments of comedic genius, IMO. Basically, everyone on this show is a loser, which is his niche, and Gervais plays a depressed, angry asshole, which is also his schtick. But the funny stuff can be hysterically so.

I really love most of his series- especially After Life and Extras- love Ashley Jensen too and really looking forward to the 3rd season.

They must be friends IRL, as he goes to her often. “Extras” was one of my favorite series.

We’re about halfway through the first season of Imposters. So far, pretty good. It’s totally implausible, once you get past the first episode but they bluff their way through that so cleanly and pay everything with enough realism to not bother you. So far, they’re doing a good job of keeping us at least mildly surprised in the directions that things go.

The last episode of Walking Dead swung so hard, so fast into dumb dumb land the last couple of episodes of the first season that I could have sworn that the showrunners had been kidnapped and replaced with the people that produce daytime soap operas.

Suffice it to say, I also jumped ship early.

We are four episodes into Arcane: League of Legends and loving it. Dark, complex, dystopian animation isn’t usually my thing, but this show is very compelling.

We are about to start Afterlife. Loved the first two seasons.

Finished My Name. It’s no Infernal Affairs but it’s an entertaining enough entry to the genre. Lots of punching, stabbing and bleeding all over the furnishings.

We’re watching Archive 81. It’s a mash-up of a number of types of horrors genres. It’s watchable. I like the cast and I haven’t spent too much of the time yelling at the screen in frustration, which is an important metric for shows like this (to me anyway).