Seriously, twickster?

In a Cafe Society thread about the sexual assault of a reporter in Egypt, devilsknew questions how she was specifically sexually assaulted, since the linked article doesn’t contain specifics (a morbid question, yes, but well within the scope of the thread). Larry Borgia slams devilsknew, then apologizes. Twickster comes in, accepts Larry Borgia’s apology, then throws the exact same insult at devilsknew and tells him to take his questions elsewhere.

Not only is that pretty crappy moderation, but I had no idea mods were allowed to break the rules in their own forums.

Twickster’s post.

Yeah, that was totally uncalled for. Devilskew was not asking “what sexual assault” meant, he was asking for some specifics on that particular case.

Some people may have felt a kneejerk reaction of jumping down his throat, but I actually felt it was a valid question. These days it seems like everything from looking at a builders bum to kidnapping and violent rape gets labeled as sexual assault. For people who did not know the details of the case in question, its hardly a crime to ask what actually happened to the lady. Not for the gory details, but to get some idea how much outrage was required.

Was she verbally abused or physically abused? Its not such a strange question to ask? And for asking, he got both posters and mods basically telling him to fuck off. Bad show.

Seemed a reasonable enough question by devilsknew. That whole exchange was bizarre all around.

Good for Twickster.

:confused: Please explain?

Sigh. Afraid I can think of no reason a moderator should ever ask a poster “What the fuck is wrong with you” when clearly acting as a mod. That sort of comment should be made in the Pit, if at all, and definitely not with the mod hat on.

I’m curious: is your endorsement of moderator overreaction (and blatantly violating board rules they’re meant to enforce) across the board, or limited to threads about rape?

IMO twickster’s comment was quite inappropriate, whether or not devilsknew was out of line. (And again IMO, he wasn’t.)

That’s some really shitting modding, and it seems like a clear violation of forum rules.

Agent, you missed your opportunity. This thread should have been titled, “Twickster, what the fuck is wrong with you?” :stuck_out_tongue: I have to agree that the whole thing was completely uncalled for, and the approach made it that much the worse.

I’d ask if **Ed **is ever going to do anything about the fact that **twickster **is apparently incapable of learning to enforce the actual board rules instead of her personal prejudices, but I think we have the answer already by this point.

twickster=worst mod ever? Yeah, I think so.

I found devilsknew’s comments quite creepy, so agree with Twickster’s sentiments.

But if Larry knew he was out of line how come Twickster thinks she can say the exact same thing. Really bizarre moderating.
:smiley: SarahFeena

A lot of people on that thread feel warmer inside thinking it was rape. Even though you couldnt be more ambiguous than “sexual assault”. devilsknew question was the first question to come to my mind as well. But apparently you’re not allowed to hurt others’ indignation, it’s their precious thing.
It is really obvious that that thread has no place in Cafe Society in the first place, that’s probably the worst call by the mod in a string of bad mod calls on that thread. It needs to be moved to GD or The Pitt.

Regular posters have been banned for these kind of repeated offenses, insulting posters outside The Pit. Why is this mod allowed to continue?

I think the reason devilsknew came across so poorly was the use of “just” in his initial question. However modding should never include the statement “what the fuck is wrong with you”.

Yeah, I wish twickster could separate her outrage from moderating.

I just saw Czarcasm go from disagreeing with Dio to admonishing someone for insulting him out of the pit back to the disagreement. That’s good moderation.

Are you being Czarcastic?


Suppose someone said Czarcasm was fat, but only meant it as an example of Heavy Czarcasm. Would there be a warning issued for this?


It is absolutely not necessary for random people on the Internet to know the details of a case that is described as a “brutal and sustained” sexual assault. We are not owed the salicious details in order to make ourselves feel more accurate in our calibration of outrage.

Jumping into a thread about a reported sexual assault in the middle of a gang attack by multiple men to ask “Well, what does that mean, 'cause in American that could mean blah blah blah” is incredibly irrelevant, and does seem to smack of either minimizing the victim’s experience, or gathering details for gloating purposes.

You’re allowed to be whatever you want to be. But don’t expect not to get called on it if you post something that others consider outrageously inappropriate and unnecessary.

To get back to the ATMB aspect of this post, I was a little :confused: at twickster’s response as well.