Seth McFarlane interview at the Onion.

It’s pretty good. He talks a little about the early days, and how unusual it is for a show to get cancelled and then brought back.

Hey! Everyone!!! LOOK OVER THERE!!! IT’S BIGFOOT!!!


Yeah, I recently read that too. I’m not a fan of The Family Guy so I couldn’t help but love his statement about how The Simpson’s writers hate them! Not to beat a dead horse, but the fact that FG got brought back while Futurama didn’t is just so galling! :mad:

At least McFarland has a sense of humor about it though.

Eh, it’s not a surprise. Futurama is a much, much more expensive show, so the threshold is way higher.


So, when are the new episodes of “Family Guy” supposed to air?

Plus, IIRC, there was much more anger between Groening and Fox execs.

Family Guy was neglected, not allowed to find its target audience, then allowed to die.

Futurama was murdered, pure and simple. They axred it as soon as they had Groening on the hook for more Simpsons.

Personally, I don’t get why the two shows often have such dueling fandoms. I like 'em both, and although I think Futurama was ultimately better written (and gorgeous to look at, too), Family Guy was a completely different kind of show.

May 1, IIRC.

Isn’t Sunday Night’s episode new?

I just love Family Guy!

Yeah, they do.

I don’t think next week’s Family Guy is new, but is there a new one after the Super Bowl? I thought I’d heard that. As much as FOX messed with it with the hiatuses and scheduling, I feel like the show had run its course even before it was cancelled.

The first new episode of Family Guy is definitely May 1st. An episode of American Dad comes on after the Superbowl.

I didn’t realize they did. Everybody I know who likes Futurama also likes Family Guy.

“Oh! Your! God!” I agree! Every FG fan I know is also a Simpsons fan, too. If this world has room for “Everybody Loves Raymond” then there should be room for three funny cartoons.

I second that emotion. And if you have video of the cast of “Raymond” being stomped into a fine pulp, that emotion will quickly turn to “joy.” Or perhaps “glee.”

Same here, although most everyone has a definite preference amongst the two.

(Of course, the only other people I know who like Futurama are my wife and watsonwil, so that may not be a scientifically valid sample.)


I like both shows. However, Family Guy is really about LCD humour and it wasn’t that big of a loss since another show with LCD humour is always on the horizon. Futurama however was character driven- moreso than any animated show that I know of, except maybe Cowboy Bebop.

While there were funny things in Family Guy, I wasn’t too dissapointed when it got cancelled and I will watch it when it comes back. However, I place a curse on all of those that had a hand in screwing Futurama. Not just the Fox execs, but their children, and their childrens children.

According to the watsonwil Principle, if you have watsonwil in your sample it is valid as watsonwil is always right.

I love both, but I easily lean toward Futurama. I am beginning to think I like it more than the Simpsons (I know I am talking crazy. This opinion is based on the fact that all the Futurama episodes are good but the last three seasons of the Simpsons have been off for me.)

No, I definitely know what you mean. I’m not down on the last few years of The Simpsons the way some people are, but Futurama was something different and very special. Great drawing, extremely clever, and a lot more mature than The Simpsons, at least on average and certainly through four years. I’m glad we got what we got. I’ll stop because you’re making me wistful.