Setting weather records

Today, in Cleveland (!) it will be 85, thus breaking the old record.
I love hot weather.
What was the hottest day in your city that you recall?

Mine was June 26, 1988 when it was 104.
My parents didn’t have air conditioning, just one fan, so i spent all daylight hours down the cellar.

In Houston, after about mid-June, we don’t keep track. It will be over 90 with 90% humidity, and the air not fit to breathe.

Seriously, when I was growing up in SW Ohio, I had heat stroke on a day it was 105F by noon and I was showing my horse. Horse was fine, I was fried.

Lois: Never show your horse in public!

Memphis, Tennessee: This was August 10 or so, 2000. It was 108 degrees. Actually it was the second-hottest recorded day in Memphis history, but I wasn’t here for the hottest one, which was in 1980 or '81.