Can you believe this weather!

Did you ever stop to realize that every day, somewhere in your state or province, a “record” is being set and reported in the newspaper.

That’s because there are hundreds of records to break. A single city has a few thousand just in high-for-this-date, rain-for-this-date, blue-moons-for-this date. And even the smallest paper will report any of 100 nearby towns.


You mean, do I realize that Minnesota has had hotter weather this summer than Atlanta? Realize I can’t breathe when I go outside? Realize I went to boot camp in Orlando in June, July, and August, lived through summers in DC, Miami, and Hawaii, and it’s hotter here right now?

Nope. Didn’t realize that at all.

Well, sure, but then there are also records like “gee, the last we got over nine feet of snow with no thaws like we have this winter was in 1853.” Some are admittedly more profound than others. Funny, though, the news people stopped trying to insist it was a typical New England winter after that second March Blizzard… As for the records this week, they’re just not that impressive. If it got over 110, now * that* would be something to talk about. I figure at 110 with 90+% humidity, we could half the state’s population. Someday, I’m going to experience what people call “dry heat” and finally be able to fathom the concept; how can it be hot out with humidity less than 60%?

Hot enough for ya?

[sub]heh heh heh[/sub]

Some like it hot! It’s the winter I hate—I can take 100º weather with a filmy slip-dress and a smile.

A few years back, I came into the city on a Saturday to see a friend compete in the Gay Games. “Gee, it’s a little hot out today,” I thought, as I strolled around the Upper East Side. When I got home I found it had been 112º that day. So I guess that’s MY boiling point . . . But 90s? Bring it on!