Setting WIN98 Search Path

      • I just bought a book on ASM that has a DOS-window assembler, but it don’t werk; that might be for numerous reasons but one I can identify is that its directory has to be set in the search path. I note that in Win98 I can’t seem to set the path using the path command, and the Windork help doesn’t say anything about it (resetting the search path permanently). Did Win98 change it from 95? - MC

You can set the path in your autoexec in win98 just like you do in 95, or dos for that matter. just hit start/run type in sysedit, and put it in the path statement.

Works fine for me. When you say the ‘path command’, perhaps you are typing ‘path c:\blah’, ala unix. The proper phrasing is ‘set path=c:\blah;c:\blah2’. Type ‘set’ to see the current settings.

Oh, and to make it permanent, enter the ‘set path=…’ line in your c:\autoexec.bat.

set is optional. path=c:\blah; will work just fine without it

      • Well sheet. Nevermind. The reason it didn’t work was because the book gave the wrong directory for the main exe. Grrrr - MC

If you put something in the root directory, it always looks there first. I think.