What to put in config.sys and autoexec.bat?

I have some old DOS games that I’d like to play, but when I try to run them, they want, nay, demand DOS.

Okay, so I’ve patched WinME to un-hide DOS. Now I need help scripting config.sys and autoexec.bats for the game.

I tried searching online, and all the pages were “How to run a DOS game in Win9x” which doesn’t suit my needs, as Win9x had pre-made config.sys and autoexec.bats to edit. I need to build one from scratch.

Can someone either please mail me a generic copy of these files, or give me directions on how to create my own?



Config.sys is on the way… just e-mailed it! The comp I’m on now has the Korean version of Win98, so the autoexec.bat file has a bunch of stuff written in Korean in it, and I assume that will be useless to you…

I’m sure someone will get that off to you soon…:slight_smile:

Thanks buddy! I knew I could count on Dopers.

I was unsure if this was MPSIMS or GQ, BTW, but I figured it was GQ enough, y’know? :wink:


autoexec.bat might prove unnecessary since it deals with setting driver memory and stuff which windows handles on its own.

Otherwise you can use autoexec to run files on start-up.

If your game does not need any environment variables set, then you can get away without it. The only thing it might need would be a path statement. And you could create a 1 line autoexec file that just said:
set path = c:\gamedirectory