Hello, i am only 13. And extremely concerned. I have may white small spots on may face that my doctor diagnosed as sebaceous cysts… He used a needle to remove some which left marks for about a week then went !
However I have many more in my face but I am more concerned about my penis.
I have had these little white spots all over my penis and I mean like hundreds of them. They are small in diameter and under the skin sometimes with a hair coming out. I have the spots for a number of years 5 i think. As I have been going through puberty and more interested in girls I am extremely worried !
Also I am not sure that they are same thing as one face but going through puberty has significantly increased the number of them. I am to nervous to tell my parents to take me to a doctor . Any home treatments? Or things I can do? Or of need what operation ?

Spot description: 2-3mm diameter under the skin. A doctor diagnosed the one ones on my FACE to be sebaceous cysts however these ones may not be. Occasionally I can squeeze some puss out but it’s difficult and slightly painful.
Any help would be soooooo helpful … Really nervous and help I would die for !!!

Also would an operation be definitely necessary ? I would do anything before that !

Fordyce spots. Completely normal, relax!

Medical question? Start it in IMHO rather than General Questions. Moved.

samclem, moderator

Why are you nervous to tell your parents about it? They used to wipe your ass. They’ve seen your dick (probably not for a few years, but they still have). Just say “hey mom/dad, I have these white spots on my dick, can you make me a doctor’s appointment?”

He’s 13 years old. Of course the OP isn’t going to want his parents to look at his dick.

To the OP, next time you go to the doctor, tell him/her. Back when I was 13, I wouldn’t have known if there was something strange if I saw a dick. It would have been seeing the dick that would have made me hide under the bed.

Why would you assume that his parents would look at his dick?

Maybe because he has scary white spots on it?

I don’t know, I don’t have kids. I guess I’m just thinking that if I did have kids and one of them told me that he had something that was concerning him, I’d want to look first. Like you said, his parents have seen his dick so often that its routine. For them. Its not for a 13 year old boy.

Again, I don’t have children, so I am probably very wrong about how parents react when a kid tells them that they have something strange going on with their body.

He is 13 he probably doesn’t want to even talk to his parents about his dick. **OP **do as **flatlined **suggests it is good advice.

When I was 13, I didn’t even want the other boys in gym class even seeing (and pointedly ignoring) my dick. It’d have to be practically falling off before I’d voluntarily show it to my parents.

BTW, OP, sorry, but your dick is probably going to fall off. White spots are not a good sign.:frowning: *

*Note: That was a joke. It’ll probably not fall off. :smiley:

To make sure it doesn’t, he should tug on it a couple of times a day -