Seven did not harrass me -- signed: Liberal

I just wanted to get something straight because I’ve seen it used repeatedly, really, that part of the reason for Seven’s banning and now suspension is that he took potshots at me, or something.

Marely (I think it was) left links to three threads, and in only one of them did I discern anything resembling taking a posthot at me. He signed off his post with “Regards, Libertarian”.

Listen, dear mods. Please. Honestly, I didn’t even see the post, and if I HAD seen it, it wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest. Yes, I made a big fucking deal out of it a long time ago. But these days — I don’t give a dooky.

It’s just that I don’t want to be any part of the reason he was suspended. The notion that he harrassed me or took pot shots at me (outside the Pit) is simply not true, at least as I interpret them, and I think my interpretation should carry some weight, since the alleged harrassment was OF me. But he didn’t do this. It’s a simple fucking fact. Okay?

Seven. Did. Not. Harrass. Me.

If I’m that much of a reason that he was suspended, then reinstate him immediately, please.

Well said.

Indeed. Bravo.

I’m not Marley and I don’t speak for him. But, regardless of the target, his behaviour was such that it merited a warning. He directly contravened a moderator decision, even quoting the post where Sailor laid out the ruling. He called another poster a “sociopathic douche cunt” and made it glaringly obvious that he knew both the rules regarding acceptable language as well as personal attacks. The rules were enforced and he was warned. The fact that you were his target and that you don’t mind isn’t very relevant to what he actually did.

At least, that’s how I interpret it.

I understand what you’re saying: basically that he broke the rules regardless of whether he hurt my feelings or not. And that’s fine. Your board, your rules. But just before that, you said:

He was, in fact, not just warned, but banned. And then after that, he was reinstated as suspended. And my name keeps popping up about it. Clearly, he was agitated about a few things, as we all are. And maybe he broke a minor rule. But if it doesn’t matter who his target was, then I would appreciate it if you would leave me out of it. At least three snarkers (or possibly one snarker posing as three) have posted inane and inaccurate comments in this thread that appeared briefly before they were banned.

I am making a serious and concerted attempt to repair my reputation, which will take years as it is. (If it happens at all.) The continual mention of my name — particularly when I didn’t even care — brings up historical nastiness by mere association. It’s not that I’m trying to hide from anything I did. I think I’ve been pretty honest about it. But by the same token, I would appreciate not being dragged into yet another drama saga, especially when it puts me on the side of one versus hundreds. I’ll just repeat what I said, and you can do as you wish (of course): nothing Seven did (or frankly could do) on a message board would bother me personally. I’d just like to be left out of the whole matter, please.

Nobody has said Seven was suspended for harassing Liberal. He did twice break board rules that while happening to attack Liberal. The issue wasn’t harrassment, but I noted a few times that all his activities on the board over the last few months have been either complaints about the board or attacks on Liberal.

You’re not.