"Seven Sisters" fantasy scene in tonight's Simpson's episode

**I think Matt Groening just dissed my alma mater. **

Superficial questions, but since I’m a Seven Sisters alumna who happens to get crappy reception for the Fox channel…

In tonight’s (2/16) episode of The Simpson’s, during Lisa “Seven Sisters” dream sequence, which one was the Mount Holyoke chick? Was she the one who invited Lisa to party and passed out drunk? I couldn’t read what was on her shirt. However, she was wearing MHC’s colors.

And who did the Smith chick kiss? Just curious.

Mount Holyoke was the drunk. I remember that for sure. I don’t remember who the other lesbian was. A good episode, certainly funnier than the “300th”

Brynwar was the lesbian. She kissed Smith, I believe.

Is that Vassar?

Vassar was the “non-conformist” with the hairy armpits.

Smith was the lacrosse player who smooched Bryn Mawr

Mount Holyoke was the drunk

IIRC, Wellesley said something about husbands.

And Florentine: Which one are you an alumna of. That’s not right… Of which one are you an alumna? Sounds awkward… Which one did you go to? (Sorry, my grammar’s not so good. I went to a co-ed school and my mama’s only a Wheatie.)

Yep, Holyoke was the drunk.

My g/f, who transfered out of Holyoke (because they were too much like Smith… and her roommate declared war on her for being straight :D) said she didn’t understand the drunk reference.

Wellesly said they married Harvard grads, after Radcliffe said they dated Harvard.

I’ve had just about ENOUGH of this Vassar bashing!

What was Barnard’s joke? Or did she just serve as the introductory remark?

Barnard- Just a step from Columbia

Radcliff- Just a step from Harvard (and their men).

Calm down, now… it was just a show :D.

And after talking to my g/f today about it, apparently all of the Seven Sisters characturers are based on OLLLD stereotypes of the schools (ie, they might not be spot on nowadays).

I thought it was “Come to Radcliffe and date Harvard men” followed by “Come to [I forget which] and marry them.”

“Come to Wellsley and marry them”

He’s not mad, he’s quoting Homer from an ealier episode where Vassar is bashed.

Ah… I don’t remember that at all.

Silly me… though I’ll just blame it on the lack of quotes… HE HE!

Well, I don’t know about any of the other schools, but I have a friend who goes to Bryn Mawr. She was totally straight when she got there, after three years she is very bi. I hear stories from her and basically have it confirmed that yes, Bryn Mawr has an unusually high amount of lesbians, even for an all-women’s college. As for the other ones, I have no idea.

Wellesley grad here. Yep, we’re pretty much divided into dating Harvard/MIT guys over there. I was the latter–no pearls for moi!

Loved this little scene, just loved it. In the mid-80’s, little sister women’s college Mills was considered to be Lesbian Central; I think Smith was second. People really didn’t make as big a deal about it; it was a fairly new idea for gay folks to live openly back then, and most of us adopted a ‘live and let live’ attitude.

Oh yeah, don’t forget “Smith to bed, Wellesley to wed, and Radcliffe to talk to!” Varies according to the school you went to, of course.

Too bad Lisa won’t age so we can’t see what she’ll choose. I for one think she’d like Barnard; she and NYC would be a good match. Wellesley is absolutely lovely but sorta isolated–you get so sick of that bus to Boston.

Bouv, babes, did you say: “even for an all-woman’s college?” What the fu?

I went to a woman’s college and I can’t say the place was swarming with lesbians or bisexuals.

I didn’t go to any of the seven sisters, but I had to tell myself not to get pissy. I’m just a little sensitive because so many people think women’s colleges are “weird.” I have to remind myself to have a sense of humor about this. Hee.

I go to a women’s college, and I can’t say it’s swarming with lesbians or bisexuals either. Worse luck for me, but if all I cared about was the potential dating pool I could have gone to one of those big co-ed universities with thousands and thousands of students. Some of them would have to be lesbians and bisexuals.

Those of you who don’t attend women’s colleges might be surprised to hear that some women actually go to school to pursue an education, not just to find Mr./Ms. Right. And attending a women’s college cannot turn a straight girl gay or bi. Again, worse luck for me, but that’s life.

That said, I was pleased to see the Seven Sisters on The Simpsons, even as a joke, because I think it’s cool to see women’s colleges on TV (or in this case the personifications of women’s colleges). Even the big 7 don’t usually get much attention in the popular media. And it was a pretty funny sequence. :wink:

He couldn’t find ugly at a Radcliffe mixer!

ITA with Lamia. I did go to get an education; the dating possibilities honestly didn’t enter into the equation. Both worked out fine. And I honestly don’t know if the lesbian/straight ratio is different at women’s colleges than at coed. Nobody really cared.

And Wellesley, for one, has more applicants than it can handle; may have been The Hillary Factor.