Simpsons 5/12

WooHoo!!! Another great episode.

Ralph Wiggum is awesome. “You’re like my mommy after her box of wine.”

“Why does everyone run away from me?” (pees his pants)

“Hey it’s Lisa! And she’d winning us back!”

Does anyone else think that the playing of the 2001 Theme as Lisa dives into the cake was another subtle reference to the University of South Carolina?

“Marge, where’s my pellet gun?”

Wow, one of the best episodes in a long time. Had me laughing almost straight through.

I saw this on the West Coast. (Global.)

This line was not in it. In what context did it appear? :confused:

I saw it on the West Coast. He said it in class right after Lisa fell asleep for the second time (after getting her grade from Ms. Hoover).

This was like one of those great old time Simpsons, with the absurdity that we know and love :D.

I’m on the west coast too but I got the scene.

Anyway, Lisa had stayed too late at the coffee house and had to work all night on her social studies project. The next morning, Miss Hoover still gives Lisa’s half-completed matchstick house project an “A-” because it’s better than anything else in the class (including Ralph’s sugarcube house which he is scarfing down). A cocky-but-groggy Lisa comments to herself that she’s successfully burning the candle on both ends and collapses asleep on her project thus prompting Ralph’s observation.

Yet another strong episode for this season, which has been the best I have seen for a couple of years. I do not know if it’s a change of writers or what, but the show has been very good this season.

And it had a Hans Moleman joke-- excellent!


The pants-peeing scene had me in literal hysterics.

I thought the ending was kinda lame but overall it ws a very good episode.

“I’m gonna kick you right in the ball!”

What’s up with Bart? Is he in with the bullies? Is he a defender of nerds? C’mon Bart, choose a side of the fence and stick with it.

The Lisa episodes of late have been pretty bad, so this was a refreshing change-of-pace (though IMHO, King of the Hill was better)

I enjoyed,

“Here iss cat!”

“But I had a dog!”

“Iss cat now!”

“Good job, cats back for everybody.”

A rare Hans Moleman sighting…where’s he been lately?

“I just wanted a place to sit down…”

King of the Hill and Simpsons were very good, Malcom was roll-on-the-floor hilarious.

I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the older episodes. But I missed the first ten minutes, so I had no idea why they put Bart in a bubble. What happened?

Bart had a Krusty-saur toy in his Krusty Burger meal. It was made in China, and carried a mosquito with the Panda Virus in it, which stung Bart. Abe took him to the hospital, where Dr. Hibbard told Marge (who had shown up in the meantime) that Bart was highly contagious and could live a normal life in a bubble.

Bart was put in the bubble because he was bitten by a Chinese mosquito that had been trapped in the Krustysaurus toy he got with his Krusty Burger fun meal, causing Bart to contract the rare but dreaded “Panda virus” (symptoms include panda-shaped bump at the bite site). “Are you sure you haven’t been in China? There’s no shame in it.”

As for Bart’s status in the nerds vs. bullies debate, he’s on neither side of the fence because IMHO he has his own innate sense of justice and playground balance. He knows it’s unfair for kids as much larger as Jimbo and Nelson to pick on smaller kids, but Bart, being of similar size, is able to pick on them with less of a personal moral conflict. Another example of this is seen when Bart shoots the mother bird. He feels guilty about it in part, I think, because of the innate power difference between him and the bird. he acts in such a way as to satisfy his own ethical sense of balance, thus necessitating switching sides on a frequent basis.

Woah, its like all philisophical and stuff, but with the Simpsons.