Simpsons 4/19: "The Good, The Sad, and the Drugly"

LABF07 Written by Marc Wilmore

It might be because there have been a couple of episodes with Bart having a girlfriend, but this one didn’t really “catch on” with me. There were some amusing bits here and there- I liked Homer thinking his reflection was another person. For some reason, the subplot (even though it was slight) with drugged-up Lisa was more amusing. I like the fact that, in typical style, the show takes the whole obligatory “Fox Earth Day Week” thing they had to shoehorn in and basically says, “Yes, the earth is going to pot. You should just ignore it, though.”

I loved the joke about Milhouse missing Taco Wednesday due to his suspension. I make sure to let my coworkers know when it’s taco day in the cafeteria at work, so obviously this would be a harsh punishment for me as well. I even started a thread about taco day a few months back.

For some reason it really ammused me when Barney vomited :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not so much after that.


That was pretty amusing, along with Chief Wiggum getting shot and bleeding happy faces.

How were there three Zs next to Willy after the letters fell on his head? I get that they were made of Ns, but there are only 2 of those in “Springfield Elementary”.

I thought it a little odd to depict Bart and Millhouse attacking their school on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Columbine. It was obviously unintentional but it was a bit unsettling; I had just switched over from a Columbine retrospective to The Simpsons to find two kids wreaking havoc on their school…

A small piece of the “M” fell off before the rest of the letter did. One of the Zs looks a lot like an M with a piece missing.

I nominate this for Rolley-Eyes Comment of the Week. Here’s one rolley for you: :rolleyes:
Homer bashing the table with his head because he had food in each hand had be giggling hysterically for several minutes. I should have seen it coming though.

I liked Willie with his floor buffer in the closing scene when Bart and Milhouse turned the school into an ice rink. I also liked how Apu saw a chance to make a quick ten bucks by selling Bart Lenny’s flowers.

The best bit in the show was one of the speculative future doom headlines: “Last Polar Bear Hangs Himself in Prison”.

That was a great moment. It’s the things you should have seen coming, but didn’t, that are the funniest.

Good episode. Thinking about it, they probably could have flipped the two stories and made Lisa’s the “main” one, but it was pretty funny how it played out.

The smiley faces everywhere was pretty funny.

It was obvious to me that Bart was going to apologize to Milhouse at the end with the flowers, but Nelson prompting Bart to punch him made it work.

Milhouse got some funny stuff to do in the beginning, in certain situations he’s one of the funniest characters on the show (“The 'House always wins.”).

I also liked how Lisa was about to kiss the fan, hallucinating it as a big smiley face. Then when Marge threw the pills in the trash, Santa’s Little Helper got into them and reenacted the fan kissing scene with Maggie.

Nelson signing “haw haw” during the Suspended Boy Walking part was pretty funny too.

Me too with the Homer face-plant into the gravy! :slight_smile:

In the opening, I totally laughed when I thought that one of the (Lisa?) Simpsons monkey was flinging poo at the *real *Simpsons, but upon rewind, I saw that they had drawn small rocks into the scene.

The whole episode was generally unfunny for me, but I have to admit I did laugh at some points (Nelson giving Bart two sticks of gum because “you might get lucky”). The smiley face thing was overworked, IMO. :):):):):):):). Please.

…but then again, I was on my current medication, fukitol. :smiley:

Was that a reference to something? It looked like a reference to something, but I have no idea what.

Also, IMO, this was an episode with two B plots, which would have both been way more amusing if paired with real A plots. Putting them together (and dragging out the Bart gets a girlfriend and ditches Milhouse again plot to the length of an A plot) was not a wise choice. Amusing episode, all told, but not as good as it should have been.

Let’s see Bart having a girlfriend, done before

Simpsons making fun of putting kids on drugs, done before

What bugs me most is they categorize antidepressents as “Happy Pills” and they are not. They don’t have that effect on you. Antidepressents aren’t “uppers”

The side gags were funny but the plot lines just recycled again.

I didn’t think what they gave Lisa were antidepressants—more like anti-anxiety meds or something like that.

That right there turned it from a pretty good episode to a really good episode, for me.


You know, I think depressed comedy writers probably know this. :wink:

Despite that, this episode remininde me more of “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love” than the one with Jessica (where Bart also pretends to be good). I liked the plot and I thought the two halves of the story were both strong. I always enjoy it when Bart’s a master prankster.

To my surprise, nobody mentioned my two favorite jokes:

“You mean our whole relationship was built on lie?”
“Not the whole thing. Just everything I said.”

And of course, “Girls come and girls go. But you’ll always have your family.”
Bart cries harder. Then Homer breaks down and cries too. My family never gave me that speech, and there’s a good reason why. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked Nelson in this episode - the gum, the tussling Bart’s hair, all that little stuff.