¿Which 'Simpsons' moment will always make you laugh?

The thread title pretty much says it all.
As for the moment from The Simpsons that will always make me laugh it has to be either when Groundskeeper Willy is a one man band in sings “I’m a Maniac” (Sherry Bobbins Episode) and the other one would be when Homer tries to jump the gorge and falls down the on very jagged rocks only to have the helicopter that is pulling him out bang his head against his cliff and then being put into the ambulance only to have the ambulance crash into a tree no more than 10 feet away and Homer falls down all over again.

So what about yous? :smiley:

In that same ep with Sherry Bobbins, in the beginning the kids are watching Krusty on tv. He is doing “Krusty’s Kartoon Klassics” from the Apollo theatre and in big red letters it says “KKK”. People begin booing Krusty.

When Homer initially fails the “Poochie” episode for not having enough “outrageous attitude”, he tells the producers to “cram it with walnuts, ugly!!!”

Stupid, I know, but it always makes me giggle.

Oh yeah, and “that Homer Simpson, he thinks he’s the Pope of Chili Town”. Dunno why, but that always makes me giggle, too.

When Marge is trying to get Lisa and Bart to clean up the yard and Lisa and Bart are making the cash register sounds Ka-ching Ka-ching and Homer comes running through the house yelling ice cream truck.

“Holy smoke, you need booze!” – Dr. Nick Riviera

Same episode as the “Pope of Chili Town” line. Homer walks into the rodeo area and a hush befalls the crowd. He busts out his custom chili spoon and Lenny reverently says “They say he carved it - from a bigger spoon.”

Then he heads to Ned Flanders’ Five-Alarm Chili, has a taste and says “Heeeeeeyyyy! What’s the big idea?” and Ned in shame says “Oh I know. Its, two alarm, two and a half tops. I was just tryin to be a big man in front of the kids.”

There are tons of other moments (“Don’t feel bad, Wolfie; I was wrestlin wolves when you were at your mothers teet” comes to mind) but the Chili-Cookoff is my favorite.

Every… single… one.

Notables (each one a seperate one liner):

Homer: Do not touch Willie. Good advice! CRANK!

Willie: But dont be reading my mind between 4 and 5. THAT’S WILLIE’S TIME!

Lisa: I’m impressed you were able to write so legibly on your own butt.
And many more that are slipping my mind right now.

¡For some reason I can’t get the guy in the bumblebee suit out of my head!

The junior campers episode (I think):

Homer: Marge, the boy needs to learn how to weasel-out of things. It’s what seperates us from the animals…except the weasels. :smiley:

The bit with the infinite circles of concentric rakes on the Sideshow Bob Cape Fear episode. They could have stopped after the first one, or the tenth, but they kept going… kills me.

(Homer tries to comprehend Lisa’s vegetarianism)

H: You mean you wont eat any meat? From any animal???

L:No Dad!

H: What about bacon?

L: No!

H: Ok…what about pork chops?

L:No!! (exasperated)

H: What about ham??

L: Daaad! Those all come from the same animal!!

H: Suuuuure! A wonderful, magical animal!!


and :
(after the trip to CrustyLand)
Marge: That was the best vacation ever!!!
[sub]let us never speak of it again[/sub]

family: mumbled assent


The way Principal Skinner says “Vice-Superintendent Chaumers!” Always makes me chuckle.

One other incident makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it: Homer is called into Burns’ office and has a heart attack. His spirit leaves his body and hovers unseen over Burns and Smithers.

Smithers: “I think he’s dead, sir.”

Burns: “Humph! Send a ham to his family.”

Homer’s spirit:“Mmmm…ham” re-enters body

Smithers: “He’s not dead after all, sir.”

Burns: “What?! Cancel the ham!”

Homer: “D’oh!”

The episode where prohibition is declared in Springfield - Marge is in bed, asking Homer if he’s brewing moonshine in the basement as the stills begin exploding. Homer replies, yelling “Kablamoo!!!” every so often, presumably to make Marge think he’s making the exploding sounds, not the exploding stills!

"Well, if it isn’t my old friend, Mr. McGreg! With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg! - Dr Nick Riviera

“Yes, Im sorry, I do not speak english, Ok”
-“But you were just talking to…”
“yes, yes! Hot dog! Hot dog! Yes sir! No sir! Maybe! Ok!” - Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Diorama-rama Day


“Lunch Lady Doris! 'ave ya got eny greese?!”
-“Yes…yes we do.”
“Then grease me up woman!”
-“Oakydoke” - Groundskeeper Willie and Lunchlady Doris

“Me fail English? Thats unpossible!” - Ralph Wiggum

“The plant called and said if you don’t come in tomarrow, don’t bother coming in Monday.”
“WOOHOO! Four day weekend!!” - Marge and Homer Simpson

Hands down my favorite, from the episode where Maggie speaks her first word:

(Homer needs money to buy a house for his growing family… goes to Dad)

Homer: Dad, I have a problem…
Grandpa: What’d ya come to ME for? I don’t know nuthin’! I used to get by on my looks, but now they’re gone! Withered away like an old piece of fruit! I was voted ‘Handsomest boy’ in Springfield Middle School…sob!

Homer calls NASA to complain that the space shots are now boring. “And another thing, why can’t I find Tang in the supermarket anymore.”

Later, on the phone again: “Hi, President Clinton? I’m glad I got a hold of you 'cause I figure you’d know where to get some tang.”

The Gay Steel Mill/Dance Club

homers idea of a ballet dance is a bear going round and round on some sort of a trolley
and who can forget

homer: I AM SO SMART
S - M - R- T
S - M - A - R - T

I’ve got two: From an early episode where they get an RV, it breaks down, and Homer and Bart are trying to survive in the woods. They set a snare for a rabbit, they see one hop up to it, and the next thing you see is the rabbit sailing over the trees into the next valley. The other is the family driving across a park for some reason and crash into a statue of a deer:
Homer: Doh!
Lisa: A deer!
Bart: A female deer!

Silly, but makes me chuckle.

I laughed SO hard at that one!

‘OOOhhhh…Floor pie’ and ‘Forbidden donut’ always make me grin too.

One of my favorite scenes was in 'Bart:

Skinner: There’s no such thing as “Scotchtoberfest.”

Willy: There’s not? You used me, Skinner! You used me!

As Willy gets dragged off by guards.
One of the most poignant has got to be the spoof of the OJ trial:

Troy McClure: “The Simpson’s writers actually wrote a separate ending having someone else kill Mr. Burns, but for that to be true, we’d have to ignore all the Simpson DNA evidence…Heh, heh.”

Oh, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately I don’t get to watch the Simpson’s here. BUT, that means that when I start ordering the episodes on tape, I’ll get to watch shows that I’ve never seen before!


One of my favourites is “Homer Badman” where Homer is accused of touching the ass of his babysitter when in fact he was trying to get his “Venus de Milo” sweet. The whole episode was hilarious especially with the faked interview…

presenter to camera “No…mr Simpson don’t take your anger out on me!” …actual event may not have happened