Seventy-five degrees and clear skies

That’s the current weather here in L.A. So what the hell am I doing here? I’m going to the beach! See y’all tonight!

Snow, fah!
Ice, bleah!
Sleet, pppppppptttthhhh!
Neener, neener, neener!!

I love this town…



That was cruel and unecessary.
(I can say this with the proper air of gentle sternness, 'cause I’m in San Diego and it’s 75 and sunny here, too. Ha!)

Don’t worry, Cher.

Jab will no doubt be swept away by a mudslide caused by an earthquake during a riot instigated by a brush fire, on his way to the beach.

Then Fox will make a TV movie of it, and cast Paulie Shore as Jab.

Yeah, but he will have a nice tan the whole way through.


Keep thinking that, Eve. That’s what we want people in snow country to think.


The boys wore shorts to school today.


Siamese attack puppet – California

That’s one thing I hate about this place. The same bloody weather every bloody day of the bloody year!

Someone PLEASE get me a job in Seattle so that I can get out of Hell-A!!!


Here’s the current weather here in Sanibel. 72 and at least where I am, overcast. It’s been a bit of a dreary week here…

SanibelMan - My Homepage
“Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.”

Like the weather’s ever different around here? It’s always the same, only cold and damp instead of sunny and mild.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all posters who post about how “nice” the weather is where “they” are that my first job at the Boeing company was working on software for Minuteman missiles. Targeting software. You get the picture? You think it’s warm there now – just wait!

I’m a vegetarian once removed. I only eat meat from animals that are vegetarians.

Seattle has more sunny days than we have rainy days, so the mix is better.

Besides. I really dig rain! Hard rain, soft rain, horizontal rain, misty rain… RAIN! Weather’s cool.

Here in Nowhere, Montana it’s 63 degrees, sunny, and absolutely beautiful. It’s a nice alternative to the usual dreary, snowy February.


I think targeting San Diego might get you in a weensy bit of trouble. Now, L.A…

Yes! Nuke L.A.! (Just wait 'til I leave.)

I lived in San Diego 'til I was 15. ugh

Pluto: You can target L.A. You can target San Diego. But for god’s sake, leave Orange County, California, alone!

You don’t want to destroy either my house or the Diego Sepulveda Adobe (the only notable historic feature in my town.)

Fuck you very much.

You XXX sucker. You really had to rub it into our faces didn’t ya, you bastardous lame left leg of a fimping femur!!

You can destroy Orange County too. But wait until after 16:30 hours. That’s when I go home.

Hey Chief, please elaborate and tell us how you really feel.

I’m baaaaaaack!

S’matter, Chief? Did you have to stand a Midnight-to-four watch? Or are you going to stand one? Oh, and I corrected your post. You should’ve included a comma after “faces”.



I don’t get it. At all. I hate that kind of shit weather especially in winter. Winter is all ABOUT snow and snowball fights and snowmen and so on. Save the 70+ shit for summer where it belongs. And please keep summer away as long as fucking possible.

Amen, Opalcat!