Severe dilution in funding recommended for British homeopathy

Practicing homeopaths in the U.K. have been shaken by a report from a committee of MPs, recommending that the National Health Service cut off funding for homeopathy.

It’s uncertain whether the proposal will survive counterattacks by homeopathy proponents (who include Prince Charles, also known for his support of other advanced alternative medical treatments like coffee enemas). In fact, the public relations pushback has already begun.

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Given that it’s homeopathy, wouldn’t they want the funding so diluted that there was no real funding left at all?

Yea, but there’d still be a vague “essence” of money left, so maybe they can make-do with that.

But good on the UK if this goes through.

Heck, the less money they get, the more they should be able to do.

Why exactly was the government funding such nonsense to begin with?

Yet another example of rampant homeophobia.

I mean, swallowing some tap water ought to contain all of the crap you need (at >1,000,000,00) dilution-pwerful!)
It’s good to see that some rich and famous folks (e.g. Prince Charles) can be just as stupid as common folk!

A friend of mine posted as his Facebook status the following re-Tweet*

DOCTORS. If a homeopath comes in, in urgent need of a blood transfusion, just give them a tiny droplet. It’s all they’ll need. (@VizTopTips)

  • gah, it’s the 21st century in a single sentence

Plus how much money do they need. All they need is about half a gram of anything and they can make near infinite doses.