Sewing Dopers- I need help locating a fabric.

I never thought this would be so hard, but I can’t find what I’m looking anywhere, on line or in the store!

Here’s the specs:
black and white stripe. No, black on ivory won’t do.
medium to heavy weight fabric - needs to have some stiffness to the drape - canvas, broadcloth, duck, etc.
needs to be machine washable and iron/starchable
stripes of equal size, 3/4 or 1 inch wide.

I’m going to need quite a bit of it, and it’s going to be used for an ongoing product, so clearance stock won’t do. It needs to be something I can get at least 10 yards of now, and more in the future.

Any ideas? I thought this would be a cinch at tent supply or something, but I’m coming up with zilch.

It’s IS tough! Here’s the closest I could get so far, but it’s 1.5-inch stripes.

Here’s some. Not cheap though.

Sunbrella furniture fabric? A friend made a raincoat for my dog out of Sunbrella.

Smaller stripes.

I saw that too, but it has a repeat of 4.5", putting the stripes at 2.25" wide, if I understand correctly.

Yeah, that first Sunbrella one seems to fit the bill, with a 2" repeat., eh? ::makes a note

wOOt! I think we might have a winner here. I requested a sample, since I can’t tell what sort of weight fabric it is, but that’s the closest I’ve found. My guess is that since it’s outdoor patio umbrella fabric, it will be perfect.

Thank you all for looking! If anyone happens to notice any others, please go ahead and post 'em. I know I always find another dozen examples of what people are searching for AFTER one has been found - I could still use back up sources.