Sex and the City: Carrie pregnant?

So, Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy seems to be making waves on the set of Sex and the City, as taping has been postponed for a month due to morning sickness.

There are rumors that, when taping nears completion, SJP will be far enough along that they will have to write the pregnancy into Carrie’s character, or make her schlub around in baggy clothes and artfully hide her behind potted plants, gift boxes, and sofa cushions like sitcom stars of the past.

If they write the pregnancy into the story line, do you think Aidan or Big should be the father? Or do you think that the writers will leave it until the end of the season, as a cliffhanger, driving us all nuts until the next season?

On the other hand, do you think they will leave it out? Maybe she’ll be schlubbing around in designer sweatpants and baggy jeans? Will Manolo Blahniks be replaced with Keds with the backs cut off to placate swollen feet and ankles?

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I don’t think it should be either one. I think carrie should get artificially inseminated by David Crosby after being inspired by a weekend filled with Melissa Etheridge videos and Jodie Foster movies.

Or maybe she should get it from Manolo Blahnik – since she loves his shoes so much, why not try his lovechild on for size?


ANYTHING to get her out of that sex clown wardrobe she’s been wearing. When I tell people my 80-year-old mother watches “Sex and the City,” they say, “isn’t she shocked?” Well, she certainly is: She’ll call me and say, “did you SEE that godawful schmata Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing tonight? She looks like Bozo’s cheap sister!”

I don’t think they should write it into the plot.
I can’t see Carrie pregnant. I’m still surprised Miranda got pregnant when Cynthia Nixon wasn’t really pregnant.

They suspended filming because of morning sickness? Please. Isn’t she like 5 months along now?
They can hide it. They do lots of scenes in the coffee shop, and with her sitting down. She can wear looser clothes.
It would be easy to hide.
Carrie pregnant? No way.