Sex And The City: Part Three?

Yep, there is talk of a third, and final film in the Sex And The City series.

I will admit, I liked the HBO series, and even the first film wasn’t horrible and kind of fun.

But wow, did that second film suck the big one! Then again, it certainly wasn’t the first film franchise to have a horrible sequel.

I am sort of intrigued by the way they say there is one last story to tell - perhaps killing off a character or two, or some other grand finale?

At any rate, I though I should give you all a heads up so you can go to your local movie theater and get in line tomorrow…

What’s the third one going to be about? How they all went through menopause together?

I mean jeeze, Kim Cattrall in 57, Jessica Parker is 48. That movie has got “sad” written all over it.

At this rate, they might be segueing into a reboot of Golden Girls.

The second one made a remarkable $288 million at the box office on what was probably an overzealous $100 million budget. My guess is that’s enough incentive to come up with script for the third.

It’s a brand, like Star Trek, and they never let William Shatner and company’s age slow down production of Star Trek movies. Were the later Star Trek movies “sad”?*

*I say yes, but many here would disagree with me I’m sure.

Hot in Cleveland’s already done that.

That’s what I get for not having cable anymore! (I actually love most of the cast - I’ll have to see if old seasons are on Netflix or something.)

Now that’s comedy!

The Undiscovered Country which was the last hurrah for the original crew was a pretty good movie.

That’s a good idea. I would love to see Samantha navigate menopause.

That’s a really good idea.

Please let this not be true. The movies managed to suck out every ounce of the tv show’s clever observational humor. I could see the reasons for the first movie, but the second was god-awful and there is no reason for a third. Samantha is the only single girl left and they’ve pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of lame storylines about marriage.

The second best of all the Star Trek films in my opinion; Right after Wrath of Khan. It also didn’t shy away from the fact that the crew was getting older. It was one of the central themes of the movie.

Too late - that was already covered in the second movie.

The second was awful, especially considering they seemed to take all of the growth the characters showed over the series and first movie, and crapped all over it.

I enjoyed the show and the first movie a lot, but am dreading the idea of a third.

Why didn’t some-one tell me? I would have seen it for that.

Eh, I think a bunch of old men riding around in a space ship is oceans apart from a bunch of old ladies contemplating their sex lives.

I hated the 2nd movie so much that I don’t even watch reruns of the show any more or airings of the first movie (both of which I really liked). I can’t imagine anything other than bile fascination getting me to watch a third movie, and even then I don’t know if I could do it. Maybe if there were a Rifftrax of it.

While I liked the show, I’ve come to realize I hate three of the four women (Charlotte is mostly inoffensive to me). I could relate to them and enjoyed watching humorous accounts of modern sexual politics, but the characters were just awful, awful people. The second movie made me cross the line where I couldn’t ignore that voice in my head any more.

Hmmm…a contest on who could out-slut each other: Blanche or Samantha?

I don’t know, but it’s a shame Sex and the City never had Rue Mcclanahan do a guest spot as Samantha’s mom or aunt.

To you. My point is that this is Star Trek for middle aged ladies.