Sex On Water Skis!?!?!?

A firend of mine told me a buddy of his was reading an article in Playboy once (how’s that for a cite?) which told the supposedly true story of a couple who had sex while water skiing. She bent over, he zoomed up behind her and the rest I’ll let you figure out.

Jesus. I can barely stand on those things when I’m by myself. I can’t imagine how good you would have to be to get that close to a person without falling - nevermind keep your soldier at attention and finish with a happy ending. Tricky stuff.

DaLoivn’ DJ

:eek: :smiley: LMAO that is hilarious!!!

Well, from this information, they might have been on waterskis in their livingroom for all I know.
Big deal, I can have sex on waterskis in my livingroom whilst drinking a hot espresso.

Umm, not that I’ve ever tried, of course.

You have to consider closising velocity and the extreme likelihood of, …erm, “missing the archery target,” so to speak.

I read that and said, “OmigodIwouldneverriskmychancesofeverhavingchildren…

No doubt. Your definately putting yourself at risk. If you go down and the ski twists the wrong way . . .

The more I think about it I realize the only way I would ever do it was if I was on the only set if skis and she was mounted on to me (in some sort of harness maybe). I just can’t see how you could keep from crossing skis and causing disaster if you are both on skis.

Being a curious sort, I gave a lady friend a ring and we gave this one a try last night. The espresso caused more problems then you might think - but nothing that won’t heal. Also the floor gets a bit scraped up. The things we do for science.

DaLovin’ DJ