Sex Poll Inspired By The Stand

In Stephen King’s novel The Stand, two of the supporting evil characters, Harold and Nadine, briefly have a sexual relationship. We are given to know that (offscreen) they do everything except vaginal intercourse because Nadine is saving her virginity for Randall Flagg.
My question will, I guess, really be answerable only by male dopers.

All other things being equal, which would you prefer:

  1. A Harold/Nadine-style sexual relationship with everything except vaginal intercourse?
  2. A sexual relationship that had vaginal intercourse but not the “other things?”

What is number one? I’ll take Sex Practices for $400, Alex.

Blow jobs? Anal? Numero Uno por favor.

Penis-vagina intercourse is usually a very small part of any sex act.

If I wanted a sex life, I’d be happy with the first choice.

As long as “everything else” included anal, number one.

Vaginal intercourse is super. I’ve never liked getting a blowjob much, but I do like handjobs. But I’ll take #2.

I’m also assuming that this isn’t an emotional relationship, just a sexual relationship…


I’m trying to understand why you think this question wouldn’t be relevant to females.

I’m going with #1. Before I got married, that is what my sex life consisted of, and I was very happy that way for years.

When I read The Stand I always pictured Wynona Rider as Nadine.

I especially loved the scene when Nadine said to him “Do you want to watch me masturbate again?”.
I’m not sure how to respond to the OP. Right now, any sort of sex life would be an improvement.

It’s like asking a starving man if wants steak or lobster.

#1, with even a modicum of ingenuity, has a truly infinite amount of varities. #1 hands down.

I must read this book.

I said it was answerable by male dopers because I was thinking too much of Harold and Nadine when I wrote the question. Harold became dissatisfied with their sexual activity. Nadine, OTOH, was primarily concerned with Flagg and only “seviced” Harold to further her goals in that direction.
In retrospect, the question is answerable by both sexes.

As a female, I’d go with number 2.

Female, number 1. Don’t get me wrong, I love vaginal intercourse, and I’m lucky enough to be one of those women wired to orgasm through it. But…how do I say this…without anything else (I’m assuming kissing, fondling, etc. are included here), then I rarely get to the state where vaginal intercourse is comfortable, much less desirable. I don’t need sonnets and roses, but you do need to prime the pump a little, y’know what I’m sayin’? As far as I can tell, that’s fairly true for men as well.

But with the nearly infinite variety of ways to pleasure and be pleasured, striking only vaginal intercourse wouldn’t take much away.

Although I do have to note that if I was Mr. Flagg, I wouldn’t really view my everything-but gal as virginal. :dubious: But I haven’t read the book, maybe an intact hymen was the only requirement.

He didn’t need her mind virignal. On the contrary - he wanted her as cruel, filthy, and dirty as possible. But I gathered she was the most fertile woman ever, and she was made to bear his child. So - one sperm in the canal would be enough to get her pregnant.

I would have to go with neither. I prefer my sex life to not involve vaginas at all.

Of course, being gay I’m not exactly your target demographic for this poll. :wink: (sorry, I couldn’t resist jumping in to this one)

Ah, that makes more sense.

Man, that’s wayy to tough.

#1 has it’s perks; #2 is fantastic as well.

I’d have to put myself in the #1 camp as well.

I’ll go with 1a: everything but vaginal sex, and please to not be pitched off a cliff by Flagg.

Related poll for straight men (and anyone else who cares to answer) – while watching porn, do you tend to skip over the fucking scenes so that you can get to more foreplay scenes?

I do.

I am currently living scenario number #2, and I don’t like it. We have intercourse with little foreplay (a backrub and a bit of dry humping are enough to get my wife ready for penetration). I am going mad because I want to perform cunnilingus and my wife won’t let me. I would also like to get a blowjob, but she’s not willing. If I could only choose one sexual act, it would be cunnilingus, so scenario #1 is my choice.