Sex robots for Incels?

Will sex robots mitigate the problem of involuntary celibacy?

If you are an Incel, you have a few choices to deal with your plight:

  1. Fall into despair. Post misogynistic messages online about how unfair life is, and how women owe you sex. Needless to say, this is not a very constructive solution to that problem.

  2. You could try to make yourself more attractive and put yourself out there into the dating market. Pay attention to your grooming, personal hygiene, clothing, etc. This is a worthwhile path to pursue for most, but it won’t guarantee success for everyone. Some people just drew the short end of the stick in the great cosmic lottery of attractiveness. I’m not just talking about physical attractiveness either. For example, someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder may simply not have a very charismatic personality that is likely to attract a romantic partner.

  3. Prostitution. It’s illegal in most jurisdictions. Even where it is legal, it could be prohibitively expensive for the Incel.

This leads me to the fourth option:

  1. Sex Robots/Dolls. It has the downside of a higher initial cost on investment, but I’m sure in the long run a sex robot would be cheaper than hiring a prostitute to stop by once or twice a week. I think the government should pay for sex robots to ease the suffering of Involuntary Celibates.

In my opinion, having an orgasm is not what Incels need. Having respect for and connections to others is. I don’t see how a robot helps.

A shotgun and a bottle of Jack Daniels wouldn’t be too expensive.

I don’t think that comment is very funny given that we have incels actually shooting people, on a frighteningly regular basis. And I don’t like the idea of anyone shooting themselves, no matter how fucked up they may be. Or drowning their sorrows with alcohol, for that matter, which is a disturbingly common way to deal with personal issues.

Sex robots wouldn’t help these guys. Even if they magically had actual live female sex slaves who were somehow engineered to love the incels and be their devoted companions, they would still be fucked up.

The only thing they need is serious cognitive behavioral therapy and/or the right combination of medication. This is the answer to a great deal of issues that destroy peoples’ lives. Unfortunately, America’s healthcare system makes it very difficult for many of them to obtain it.

I’m a bit confused by this, I mean is not getting laid a psychological disorder, or do you mean people that are a part of this “movement”, if that it what it is, automatically need psychological intervention just by virtue of being a member?

Everything I’ve read about the issue suggests there is a large underlying psychological issue at work here with these guys, that goes far beyond just the inability to get laid.

  1. Masturbation. Which, arguably, would be what sex with a “sex robot” is.

But, as others have said, that doesn’t address the real problem. I’m not sure exactly what the real problem is, but I am pretty sure it’s not lack of orgasms.

I think that you are overlooking greater risks.

‘Frighteningly regular basis’? Not to downplay horror but wiki lists only five confirmed or suspected attacks.

Let’s not let media coverage distort the size of the problem. Is there a definitive list somewhere we could look at?

Telling someone who wants real, live, genuine human companionship and sex to get a sex robot is like telling a childless couple to buy a few dolls.

Does that include the warped entitled guys who kill women after stalking them or when they won’t go out with them, but don’t go on mass shooting sprees or self identify as incels? Cause I suspect the number is, in fact, far higher if you were to start including those yahoos. And I don’t think the differentiation in their mental state is significant.

The latter. “Incel” is a term that implies a whole lot more than “suffering from a dry spell”. It’s an entire philosophy held by a deeply disturbed, misanthropic online community who thinks the world owes them hot young women to have sex with, and who wish to do violence upon the women who choose not to and the men who are more successful than they are. Elliot Rodger and Nikolas Cruz are some of the more well-known members of this community.

Incels aren’t simply sexually frustrated. They are socially and emotionally disordered people who lack the ability or work ethic to form meaningful relationships and harbor a lot of resentul over their loser status. Market sex robots to these guys and expect to see sex robots become yet another marker of loserdom that the prototypical Incel rejects.

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  1. Lower your standards and date in your league. I know because of hypergamy and the 80/20 rule this may not be an effective solution, but quite a few incels want women out of their league from what I’ve seen.

I am not sure that self-identified Incels do want actual human companionship at this point, but I think it’s what they need, whether they understand that or not.

Yup. The real cure for inceldom is self acceptance. Most men aren’t particularly attractive, and quite a few are below average mentally and physically, and have very few options because of it.

That won’t cure being incel, but it’ll mitigate the worst aspects of it (rage and resentment).

Despite what they think, the “involuntary celibacy” is not their major problem, it’s their total lack of self esteem and the crippling weight of their massive sense of entitlement and narcissism. They don’t just have a problem with women, they have a problem relating to EVERYBODY.

Their problem is that they’re, to put it bluntly, assholes. Their lack of sexual activity is a symptom, not a cause, of this problem. Getting them sex, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, will not solve the underlying problem.

There is absolutely nothing stopping a man from developing his body into one that would be considered attractive, and unless you’re the Elephant Man, a little bit of good grooming and accessorizing can go a long way to improving the elements of the physical appearance that don’t involve the physique.

You don’t need to “accept” that fact that you have a substandard appearance, you should improve it, which is not difficult to do.

A man’s character is more important than his appearance anyway, when it comes to attracting women, but that takes far more effort to improve than the body.

There’s nothing at all stopping these guys from going out and hiring a hooker or three, but that’s not the answer to their problems, and offering a mechanical alternative would probably be even less welcome.

But I also don’t necessarily think these guys need to just accept that they’re ugly, awkward and weird, and that they will probably be mostly celibate. What they need to do is accept the first three, and realize that as a result, they’re not likely to score with the Bella Hadids of the world, and that the weird chubby girl at the coffee shop is probably a much more reasonable target for them to shoot for.