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Summer is here, skinny-dipping a rage, and I find my mind wandering in a direction wholly improper. Before I embark in one of the most engaging of my fantasies, please address the following concern: Is it dangerous for women to have sex underwater (and by this I do not mean completely submerged)? For years I have been wary due to warnings of water forcing air bubbles into the blood stream. Are my concerns real, and if so, are bathtubs, whirlpools and lakes/oceans all equally taboo?


Drying out in Toronto

Welcome to the Boards. You’ve hit on one of our favorite topics - sex. I predict many hits for your threads.

Sex in the water has never been particularly pleasurable for me - the water washes away the natural lubrication and things get a bit scratchy and raw. Great for foreplay, not so good for the deed itself.

Welcome to the Boards, and given the topic of your first post, I predict a very successful and popular tenure for you. :wink:

As for your question, I don’t know the answer but am equally eager to find out - it’s a fantasy of mine as well.


Plnnr hit the main point; loss of natural lube. Otherwise it’s not inherently dangerous. Theoretically it’s possible to pick up something nasty in a dirty body of water (read any natural body of water, or poorly maintained hot tub). Air embolism is unlikely unless you’re pregnant and positioning your privates over a bubble jet. Even then it’s a long shot.

I recall one poster saying his main problem with sex in the water was getting the fish to hold still

Qadgop, MD

Water forcing air bubbles into the bloodstream? Highly doubtful. I’d be more concerned about picking up a nasty bug that’d be floating 'round in the water; or having a particularly uncomfortable encounter because of the water washing away the natural lubrications.

I’d stick with a little “oral action” with the partners taking turns.
and NO FAIR holding onto the head!!

Sounds like an opportunity to try out that pussy snorkel, too. Birds and stones and all that…

Welcome to the boards, Jocelyn. May you never be the subject of a Pit thread.

I share that underwater fantasy with you, and I’ve even been able to indulge it a few times. While the other posters are probably right about the loss of natural lube, my partners never claimed a problem there. My guess is that hot, wild monkey sex will deplete your secretions. You may have more success with (my preferred style) a long, slow, deep-drilling encounter – this also has the added benefit of preventing you from splashing one another too much.

Now if you can figure out a non-drowning oral sex method for either or both partners, I’ll personally recommend you for the Nobel Peace Prize. :wink:

Now hold on a sec, there are waterproof personal lubricants on the market. Go browse your local adult accessory shop.

Otherwise, Qadgop has summarized it pretty well. You needn’t be concerned about forcing air bubbles into the bloodstream any more than you do when you’re having sex in air.

It should be mentioned that some bodies of water contain a lot of bacteria to which you may not want to expose sensitive areas and potentially abraded skin. These include beaches and waterways near sewage plants, and public baths and hot tubs.

Personally, I’ve had more fun in the water when we kept ourt swimsuits on and just rubbed uglies. Wait until you get back to a more comfortable spot to actually go all the way.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that waterproof lubricants are recommended for any sexual use. They just sort of stick around up there, and provide a breeding ground for all manner of nasties. Natural lubricant and those designed for the purpose are all water-soluable, which enables the body to get rid of them normally.

I think the determining factor in answering your question is whether or not we get pictures of the act :smiley:

[sub]PS: I’ve had sex underwater and it was pleasurable for both sides. damn pleasurable…very very… I’ll be in the bathroom if you need me. [/sub]

What Jocelyn might have been referring to is the advice of a sex therapist here in Toronto named Sue Johansson (sp?) (host of a show, formerly on 107.1 FM, now on cable, called “The Sunday Night Sex Show”) who did once opine that sex in water could be dangerous. She (and you’ll pardon me if I get graphic here) suggested that water filling the vagina could cause problems when the man thrust into her – sort of a hydraulic pump situation.

[sub]I was going to make some flirty comment worthy of MPSIMS, about offering to help Jocelyn experience her fantasy safely, but this is GQ after all…[/sub]

Chronos is right, stay away from non-water soluble lubricants, they do provide an environment for a variety of bugs to breed in, which normally wouldn’t make their home in sensitive places.

As for Cerowyn’s point about water filling the vagina, the real problem here is if it gets pushed into the uterus, not common but possible. Would be awfully painful, too.

A dollop of common sense is probably best; if it starts to get uncomfortable, stop it! Also try to keep the penis from falling out and being reinserted, that’s how water would get introduced.

Besides, skinny-dipping’s just for foreplay! If we were designed to reproduce in the water, we’d be more like salmon.

Mrs. Babe and I have had sex numerous times in the bathtub. She has very dry skin, and puts various girly bath gunk into the tub to help moisturize her skin. . . …

moisturize . . … .

Get it? Problem solved for us. A plain old bubble bath would probably work just as well.

Bubble Bath? Ewww! No!

The soaps that make bubbles are very drying to the skin. I used to get rashes from Mr. Bubble ™ when I was a lad, just from normal bathing activities. Stick with the bath oils. (I like olive oil.)

Which reminds me of a thing I’ve always wanted to try but never had the patience for the anticipated post-ceremonial clean up:

Floating a half-inch thick layer of olive oil (or whatever you like) on top of a bathtub full of hot water and then climbing in, naked, with my lover (also naked).

It sounds incredibly erotic, until you consider what it would take to clean up the resulting mess!

One more thing on the tub idea, I just was looking on the Men’s Health website ( ). I figured they might have something. They mentioned that a water based lubricant would “mix with standing water and turn the entire floor (tub) into a slip-and-slide.” I guess getting out of the tub would require some grace.

They also quote Michael Perry, Ph.D., a sex therapist in Encino, California who suggests a non-water based lubricant. “It’s not normally a good idea because it doesn’t wash out of the vagina easily. But underwater it’s the only thing that will stay put.” He recommends Wet Platinum, which is silicone-based (you can buy it online at; http://www.sextoys.nv; or

Can I just say I love these threads?

There was this old item in eBay. A medical book from the late 1800s. Many of the stories were of odd and unusual things. One of them was about this woman who had suffered ever since she went bathing. Aparantly what the doctor eventually discovered was that when she was batheing a leech had swum up inside of her vagina and had latched on. It was removed and the doctor suggested she wear a cork next time.

Anyway it’s very rare but something to spend some night awake over. I can’t find the thread to which I posted since apparantly you can’t search any further back then 5 days.