Sex with an Amazon

Every time I watch one of those shows on the Discovery channel, it is always in the back of my mind about what it would be like to have sex with one of the local women. I know I used the word Amazon, but this could be a tribe in Africa, South America, anywhere.

Would sex be different with one of these women?

What crazy customs are out there that our society might find different (at least from the ‘norms’ of our society)?

I would say the odds of being speared by a relative are much higher than for women in the US. Which is why I’ve never tried.

Yes in Africa, but there is a warning:

A TMI warning:

In Southern African regions, it is preferred to have sex with the least lubrication possible, in other words, no k-jelly to be seen for miles.

That custom is one of the reasons why AIDS is so common in Africa.

There’s your problem, right there.

I have never heard of this before. This would definitely be different. Maybe I should try this at home. It would be a nice version of ‘role-playing’.

Sorry - I only looked in here to see if you meant a forest or a river… :eek:

Now, rise your hand who thought about that episode of Futurama. :slight_smile:

In all things Amazon, the big problem is the reviews/referrals:

Customers who had sex with this woman also screwed…

I’ve wondered this about the people who were (the american continent) when the europeans arrived. From what I’ve read, outside of fiction, friendly pairings of european men with indian women weren’t all that common. Many tribes had very strict marriage rules.

The coureurs de bois
Went for the squaw.

I’m sure that would go over well
“Okay, for tonight honey, I want to try something new. Here’s a bag of sand and leaves and stuff and I want you to put them…”

The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

My first thought involved Wonder Woman. I got to Futurama shortly thereafter.

For the love of god, WHY?!

For those times when female genital mutilation just isn’t enough.

In the pre Discovery Channel days, we had to use National Geographic magazines. The librarian at the grade school I attended use to put round white stickers over the naughty bits. Of course, we would just draw them back on.

I don’t think this is true at all. In fact, it’s the opposite of true. There are numerous reports of sex, marriage, and all relationships in between that occurred whenever men and women mixed, including the Americas.

Mestizos, the descendents of mixed Spanish and Indian couples, are probably the most numerous single group in most central and south american nations.

Noth American liaisons, first with the French traders and trappers, and later with American frontiersmen, were equally common. There is always sex.

And to answer the OP, there are only so many basic ways to have sex. Nobody would be surprised by anything either side of the couple suggested. When and where might have constraints or the lack of them, but the basic sex acts are pretty much universal.

For that matter, many people consider La Malinche to be the mother of Mexico, and she was just one of twenty slave girls given as a gift to the Cortés and his fellow Spaniards. Joys of “grinding corn” bedamned, those girls weren’t just making tortillas. Of course, it could be argued that relations between the slaves and their captors weren’t friendly, but that didn’t prevent the production of children, which leads some modern people of Mexican descent to call themselves “hijos de la chingada”–basically, “children of the fucked,” referring to the rape of Mexico, both metaphorically and literally.

And I opened this thread expecting a discussion of Greek mythology, with maybe a detour to burning off breasts and killing male children. Boy, was I surprised!

< raises hand > Especially all the skeletons with pulverized pelvises.

The Métis were the result:


Could be. By “friendly pairings”, I meant consentual and desired by both individuals. I assume the OP is daydreaming about willing partners.
There were (are) a lot of offspring from slaves and their “owners” in the southern US, but I doubt that most were of truly friendly matings, where both parties wanted the relationship.
The same would hold, I think, for those in Central and South America. And Mexico.
I thought that the liaisons with the trappers, et al, were the exception and not the rule, and largely a product of popular white fistion. Also, I seem to remember reading a lot about mail order brides, and women brought from back home.