Do European Women Go On 'Sex Tours' Of Africa?

Is it true that there are a large number of European women who take ‘vacations’ to parts of Africa with the sole intent of having sex with underage African males? What is their motivation for doing so??

Are these women pedophiles who want to have sex with young men but can’t do so in Europe for fear of prosecution, or are they just too homely to find partners in their homeland?


Well, I can’t answer because I’ve never heard of such a thing, but that raises the question where the hell did you hear of it?

I’d be very surprised if women from industialized Western nations would overlook the high probability of getting AIDS, getting raped, and being at the mercy of ruthless gunmen, all of which seem to be much more prevalent in Africa than in Europe. Not to mention the absurdity of the premise that they would want the described sex in the first place. I think someone’s chain is being yanked.

What do you mean by “underage males”? Do you mean pre-pubescent? Or do you mean strapping young 16 & 17-year-olds?

Either way, I’ve heard of American & Canadian women who go to Jamiaca to get it on with the locals. I guess it’s no great stretch to imagine European women jaunting down to Africa for the same reason. My WAG is that maybe there are some North American & European women who need to fulfill a fantasy of doing the horizontal mambo with a black man.

Oh, you wacky Surreal. Where do you hear all these things you start threads about?

I second Gary T on the reasons this is unlikely to be true.

Well, there was an article in a magazine – which one? – GQ, I think, a few months ago about European women who go to Mombasa on holiday and drop quite a few bucks on beach boys, but I don’t recall them being underage – just strapping young fellows picking up a few bucks from lonely women who are having fun away from their neighbours

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

“*European women - known locally as ‘Marie Claires’ - are often surrounded by three or four young dreadlocked men.
So the youth of the Gambia - 50 per cent of the population is under 18 - look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays when the planes from Gatwick disgorge holidaymakers on the ‘Smiling Coast’. *”

Sex tourism is a problem in Gambia although the authorities are refusing to recognise its existence. There are reports of a sizable influx of European women seeking sex with underage boys but there are also incidents of men seeking sex with young girls.

"*Sex tourism is also a problem in Gambia, where a sizeable influx of European women are seeking sex with underage boys, so called bombstars or beachboys.”

“In Gambia, middle-aged European women seek sex with young local men. The prevailing model is that of street children, women or boys that use sex to supplement their income from other activities, such as begging.*"

Well, I’m certainly confused. None of us knew anything about it, but you had several cites to indicate you already had the answer to the question. Why’d you even pose the question? It just seems kind of … surreal.


:smack: :rolleyes:

I’ve been to Cuba 5 times, and every time I noticed white Canadian and European women cruising the bars looking for the local latin and black men. In Thailand and in the Philippines I have seen white women cruising the bars picking up the local Asian women, yes, white lesbians cruising for Asian women :slight_smile: So, it would not surprise me at all that European women would head to Africa for the local men. Why are so many people, probably men, surprised that women want a little fun on their vacations also ? :cool:

Of course I 'm not condoning women having sex with underage males. I am just surprised that some of the posters talk about the “absurdity of the premise that they would want the described sex in the first place”
Why is it so surprising that women would travel for sex ?

Not to bring up stereotypes, but you do know what they say about African males, don’t you?

They are probably hoping the rumors are true.

Because it’s usually so easy for them to find it anywhere, if they want it. Going to a different continent struck me as overkill. Nevertheless, the underage aspect aside, I have been educated by this thread.

This boggles me, given the pandemic incidence of AIDS in Africa.

Don’t fret it. People pick up their first cigarette or spike their first vein usually with full understanding that they’ll likely become a slave to the drug. People still buy brand new cars with full knowledge of the horrors of 1st year depreciation. People still listen to ABBA. Something else apart from reason motivates people, my friend.

This sort of activity by either sex shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Regarding the bit about “getting raped, and being at the mercy of ruthless gunmen,” this is an absurd over-generalization. There are quite a few countries in Africa where this would not be a serious concern, as long as you stayed out of the bad parts of town. The AIDs rate of course is higher in many parts of Africa, but as long as one practices “safe sex,” e.g., insists on the use of a condom, I doubt whether the probability of contracting AIDs is “high” (though of course I recognize it still exists, even with “safe sex.”)

I presume you are referring to the idea that older women would want to have sex with young children, rather than that they would want to have sex with younger men in general. I hardly think the latter idea is “absurd.” The articles talk about the involvement of “underage” individuals, which I suspect much more commonly involves teenagers/adolescents rather than pre-pubescent children.

This is totally hearsay, but I read somewhere that African men have different beauty standards. Big = beautiful, pale= pretty, and wealthy = sexy. Those standards make wealthy, a bit older, a bit overweight white women feel beautiful and sexy. Sex, in itself, is not hard to come by for women. Feeling wanted, beautiful and sexy, by an attractive guy, is a lot harder to get.
I could imagine those women prefer sex with a pretty young guy who is proud of them, rather then being just tolerated sexually by not too attractive Western men who want their women younger, slimmer, and slightly less succesful then himself.

Jamacia maybe, but the AIDS risk factor in Africa is dangerous enough that I would take this story with a pickup truck sized grain of salt given the vastly greater risk to women (vs men) in doing this.

There are certainly a lot of places in the world where women who are usually considered too heavy to be atrractive in their home countries are much sought-after. Light skin in and of itself has become a mark of beauty in amy socities.

Add to this the factors of money, the (unlikely, but the beachboys don’t know that) possibility of getting residency in a richer society if the romance takes, and the Western TV/movie depictions of our women as sex-crazed nymphos who’ll do it with anyone and you get the idea of why the average middle aged white woman becomes a hot commodity in some countries. Spend 15 minutes observing the human behavior from both ends at the (topless!) beach of, say, Sousse, Tunisia and it all becomes clear.

White men go to Asia for similar reasons. Heck, I have to restrain myself from teaching English in Eastern Europe so I don’t come back with a gorgeous, well-educated but ultimately incompatable wife… :eek:

You’d be surprised how many middle-aged, frequently large English speaking women are working ESL in the Gulf partially in hopes of landing a dashing, rich hubby… one who likes light skin and some extra cushion for the pushin’. :smiley:

Given the coercion and exploitation implicit in these Thai/Filipino prostitution rings–and the young children often pressed into service, often by their parents–I’m not sure why any of that merits a smiley face. Children or not, prostitution has a brutal underbelly and is usually maintained through some form of coercion.

You are over-generalizing. HIV infection rates vary enormously across Africa. The rate in Gambia is only 2.24% (from here: another site said 1.6% in 2001, having dropped from 1999). This compares to a rate of 0.76% for the U.S. and 0.99% for Jamaica. (Rates are for adults age 15-49.) And in these circumstances, women would be able to insist on the use of a condom. While present, the risk isn’t necessarily all that great in some areas.