[SIZE=1]I knew that would get your attention. At any rate, I am really, really[SIZE=3], really[SIZE=4] [SIZE=1]bored. Does anyone have any ideas for occupying large spaces of time? I am particularly consumed with insomnia, so this problem dwells. Thanks everyone.
The Jackalope

ok, ok, so maybe i am new

The best way to consume large amounts of time is to get a job. When you have that job, make sure someone gives you a lot of work. Make sure it’s the kind of work that you would hate. You will find dozens of things that will consume tremendours amounts of time. Anything but do that work. Which is why, I suppose, I am composing this from my place of work!

search the archives for “addictive time wasters”

There’s a lot of internet games that we like to play here. My fav was the light one, with the stupid blob game coming in a close second. Taking a benadryl then drinking a couple of beers gets me to sleep everytime, it’s the waking up that sucks.


ever seen the movie Tron? remember the light-cycles? guess what that game is.

fully three-dee LightCycles with really, really well polished game mechanics.


[sub]to others; i can’t remember if i saw that first here or on Something Awful, so i’m not going to start a thread on it.[/sub]

I have nothing to add.

I was bored so I fixed some of the coding to see what you were trying to do.