Sexiest people in their 40s

I rather fancy her co-star*, Sasha Alexander.

* On Rizzoli and Isles

I would have thought Keira Knightley was in her 40s by now, but she’s onlyf 36. That means she was 17 when Love, Actually was shot. Huh.

For the purposes of the thread, I’ll add Keeley Hawes, Thandie Newton and Rhea Seehorn. I guess I saw shows featuring those three recently, because if I put my mind to it, I could list a hundred good looking actors in their 40s. Or more.

Oh yes, Ms Newton (48) is stunning, and her Westworld co-stars Rodrigo Santoro (45) and James Marsden (47) ain’t so bad either. Lots of pretty (and disturbingly naked) people on that show.

Aaron Paul is 41 but he’s kind of meh IMO, and Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson are in their 30s.

I always get her confused with Lacey Chabert, who is only 38. If you average the 2, they’re 46 and very pretty.

I’m not really “distracted”. Just kind of a thing.

I’m Distracted by having to wave everytime I come to the webcam. Fuck. That gets old. And people look at me funny.

Lots of sexy people in this thread. I just looked them all up. All the women, not the men. I go for a beautiful face, and to me that means the eyes, and the smile.

Sexiness includes a fun-loving personality, a good laugh, and an allure and mystique of the overall person, in addition to the beautiful face. That said, of the women mentioned so far my top 3 are these:

And my top choice, the sexiest, for me she is Rachel McAdams.

You have truly great taste in great actresses; every single one is Incredibly Beautiful!

( Fine, send me into a florist shop and tell me, “Find the most beautiful flower there.”
I’ll be lost for days…)

Jessica Alba turns 40 in 17 days, on 4/28. She would be near the top of the list. I remember that she looked spectacular on Dark Angel when she was 19 in 2000!! Still looks good.

Like I said, this thread just makes me feel old. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt is 42.

I’d put myself right there with you at 42. At least I know I’m better looking and in better shape than I was at 18,22,32, and so on. Most people don’t believe I’m in my 40s, but I guess I’ve started aging enough recently that some guess 35-37.

I’m not going to put myself against the movie stars - It’s obvious that a lot of the lookers, including the men (not hating, but just as an example I saw casual photos of Chris Pine without makeup and hair product and he reminded me of his dad from his CHIPS days) wear makeup and have professional help with their hair, hiding their balding and so on.

So while I agree with some other posters that there are plenty of attractive 40somethings, I think most people age considerably from around 25-40 and most women (and men) my age look considerably older than I do. Some of it is hard living and a lot of it is genes. Since celebs/actors are generally chosen for their genetically blessed attractiveness, it makes sense that many of them would be blessed when it comes to maintaining their looks later in life than the average Joe. I’ve never smoked and I drink rarely, but I’ve also never had a cavity despite going years or decades with less than stellar oral care. I don’t have gray, but I have some male pattern baldness and I don’t have a hair transplant like a lot of celebs (as young as guys like MGK) or whatever fibers or something (probably Matthew mcConaheyyy and some of the Chrises) they use, and I don’t hide my crows feet (I don’t have them) with make up like a lot of actors. When you’ve got the combo of genes plus professional hair and makeup, yeah a lot of celebs look good in their 40s.

On-topic, I think OP nailed it with Shakira. I haven’t seen anyone better mentioned, though some I can agree with. I’ll try to think of any. As a guy I can appreciate someone like Jason Momoa, i think he’s sexy.

Whoa, I don’t know her, Stacey Dash, but she looks like Megan Markle’s twin!