Sexiest Scientist Ever?

I’ve got to go with Jane Goodall. She’s getting up there in years, but she still looks damned good. That long grey hair is just MMM!

What do you all think?

Cal Meacham, of course! Why do you think I took his name?
Oh, you mean real-life scientists?
How abut Roy Chapman ndrews – some say he was the model for Indiana Jones. In all the pictures he’s wearing the same hat and leather jacket, and he tooled all over Asia. I’m not sure he ever got a degree, but he was certainly an acting paleontologist.

Mary Ellen Weber

She’s hot AND she’s been in space. Can’t top that. Did Cecil ever definitively answer that question about sex in zero g?


Terminus Est, Ph. D.

If you’re going to vote for yourself, at least provide a pic. :smiley:

Well, me, of course.

I mean, doesn’t everyone go for forest ecologists?

Think of the adventure. The thrill of the outdoors. The strength of a body that’s scaled many heights and cleared many trails. The irresistible fragrance of insect repellent hanging softly in the humid midsummer air. The ecstasy of skin rent to tatters by various thorny plants. The incomparable fascination of poison ivy. The sensuality that is stinging nettle. The unbridled erotic pleasure of being slowly, gently, achingly covered in dead salamander-infused antifreeze as you clear your beetle traps.

So, OK. Maybe not me.

But you can’t say I don’t try.

What, you won’t take the word of the Sexiest Scientist Ever? Trust me, I’ve given the matter intense scrutiny there is really only one possible conclusion. :wink:

Terminus Est, you’re finished here.

(Sorry–I couldn’t resist.)

Look–are you a guy or a gal? I’d assume that the “Sexiest Scientist Ever” competition has a men’s and a women’s division, right?

I’m a chick. If you’ve also got the 2 X chromosome thing going on, we might have to duke it out. Otherwise, I’d say there’s no real competition here. :slight_smile:

Richard Feynman. Ever since I saw a documentary about him in the 80s I’ve thought he was totally sexy :slight_smile:

I vote for myself. Checkin’ out some Limestone–now is that sexy, or what?

Don’t answer that.

Oliver Sachs. Sexy in a completely adorable kind of way.

Now, now. We both know that science is strongly dependent on the peer-review process.

And I can totally see that, OpalCat. I might be biased, since I think I look a little bit like Feynman. Really.

Scribble: No need to duke it out; I’m an XY-type myself. We may need to perform some mutual observation and experimentation, purely for the sake of Science, you understand.

I’m the Sexiest Scientist Ever! I have no peers. Except maybe Scribble.

Oh, all right. I look like this guy: :cool:

Scribble may have my vote… it depends on how she looks when she blushes…

Orange, round, and disembodied? With no nose?

Well, the observational study you describe could be difficult to carry out, considering that you’re at Cornell and I’m in the Midwest.

Do you think we could get NSF funding for travel expenses?

Oh, Curious.

What do you mean, I may have your vote?! You mean you don’t like dead salamander-infused antifreeze?!

Depends on it’s alcohol content :wink:

laughs runnign away

of COURSE you have my vote… there. happy? :slight_smile:

:cool: The shades. It’s all about the shades.

I’m sure we can scam, er, get funding from the NSF for a travel grant. We can meet halfway. How Mid is your West, anyway?

Pierre Curie–as played by Walter Pidgeon.

Nicest computer designer I know.Here.