Sexual harrasement is not a laughing matter

Unless you keep mousing over the barmaids breasts.

Hee hee! First of all, I love my precious DSL. You can take that from my cold dead hands. Secondly, very cute! I believe I played that game, long ago.

DSL? My cable modem laughs in the face of your DSL! Hahahahah!

[sub]bouv quickly slinks away before one of the many college dopers comes in and brags about their T1, T3, or OC3 line…[/sub]

Where you live, dear, you deserve it and more power to you. It’s the only entertainment you get anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, the new version has almost nothing in common with the classic three games we know and love, even though it’s designed by Brian Fargo, who produced those original three games.

Can’t really blame him, though … a new game with the style and gameplay of the original Bard’s Tale would sell about as well as, well, Devil Whiskey.

Bizarre. I snuffed out the candle flame.



Her ass meant nothin’ to me, yer Honor, it was her tits I was fondling…
Thenkyouverymuch, I’ll be here all week.