Sexual Orientation

Is there such thing as a person not being attracted to either women, men, animal etc.

It seems very unlikely to me since the point of living is to reproduce. But is there any such thing as this? If so, what is it called?



That’d be a blind date!

Also, maybe you’re not right about the point of livng.

Oh really? That’s not my point of living.

Slight hijack, a (very cute female) friend of mine says she’s asexual with one exception: Paul McCartney.

I’m not sure if that means that rather than being Asexual, she’s McCartneysexual, but in any case, all attempts on my part to woo her with alcohol and a recording of “Live and Let Die” have failed (I think her exact words were “Is that REALLY the ONLY Paul McCartney song you know?!!”) :smiley:

But is that your point of loving? :slight_smile:

Let’s assume that the OP used that for shorthand, and really meant to say that the urge to mate is essential for the survival of all animal species that reproduce sexually. Let’s assume that surely he or she knows any individual member of a species needn’t survive in order for the species as a whole to survive. And let’s further assume that he or she knows that there are many evolutionarily sound reasons that some people might be either born with no sexual desire, or lose their sexual desire sometime during their lifetime.

Or maybe he is. How about a cite? :smiley:

Sure. Just because a species generally has a drive toward something doesn’t mean every individual of the species does. I have one cat who won’t eat meat, and a backyard full of deer who like to eat plants that are swupposed to repel deer. But most cats eat meat, and most deer don’t eat holly. Most people have sexual urges, or reproductive urges, and some don’t. If the issue is no particular sexual feeling, I’d call that asexual or non-sexual. If the person has sexual feelings but not toward others, I’d call that self-pollinating.

My favorite sexuality designation is a word I saw on a friend’s t-shirt recently, and I adopted it for my own:


I only make it with smart people.