Sexy Seductive Female relatively unaffected by the Infection

I’ve noticed this in several movies and some books. There’s some Awful Influence that destroys people. If it doesn’t kill them outriight, it infects them and they degrade slowly until they die. But the filmmakers want to show this Evil Influence to be somehow seductive, so when it affects the sexiest lady in the bunch, she isn’t affected, or is affected the least, or is affected by still sexy. (An alternative is The Evil Thing isn’t an infecting agent, but some other type of creature or being, but the females unaccountably look like sexy women.)

It;'s almost never sexy guys that seduce the women in the group

This is slightly different from Evil Influences that Take on the Appearance of Sexy Men or Women to seduce people into its clutches, a la the Salt Vampire in Star Trek (which DID appear as male to Uhura), or the Martian plant in Stanley G. Weinbaum’s a Martian Odyssey.

Examples include:

Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People) – obscure offering from Ishiro Honda (Godzilla, et al.) People on a pleasure yachting expedition are driven onto an island (as in Gilligan’s Island), but it’s relatively barren. There’s almost nothing there to eat. Another boat that was driven there is apparently abandoned, but covered in fungus. The island does have edible mushrooms, but if you eat them, you get covered in fungus and start turning into a literal mushroom. People in the stages of metamorphosis look kinda gross, covered in rough green-grey skin, noticeably their faces. When they’ve turned, they look like ludicrous giant ambulatory mushrooms. But when the female movie star (the Japanese Ginger!) eats the mushrooms, her face and most of her body remains free of fungus. She seduces at least one other crew member to eat the mushrooms. You’d think hunger alone would be enough.
Return of the Living Dead --Bad-Girl “Trash” (Linnea Quigley), who dances nude in a graveyard at the beginning of the film, gets repeatedly doused with the Zombie chemical while still alive. When she revives after being surrounded by zombies (and, apparently, killed and not eaten) she revives as a sexy and very active zombie, unlike others who get doused, die, and return as pretty obviously affected undead (like Burt and Ernie – sic)

The Corpse Bride – she’s got a skeletal arm, a PeterLorre-like maggot living in her head, and she’s blue and cold, but she’s got a sexy and attractive shape, full, rich lips, and a lot of skin on her, unlike those skeletonized or rotting Dead she hangs out with, the better to seduce Victor towards drinking “The Wine of Eternity” and joining her in Death.

The Metal Monster – In A. Merritt’s interestingly weird “Lost City” story a valley in the Himalayas is filled with sentient metal beings in geometric shapes that can join together. But the female Norhala, who exercises power over them is very human. It isn’t clear if she’s a corrupted human or an expression of metal sentience in human form.

How does Bordello of Blood fit in – a house full of sexy vampires?

Am I remembering correctly that Salma Hayek turns into a hideous monster after the sexy snake dance in From Dusk Till Dawn?

In more conventional film Outbreak, Rene Russo is near death from a horrible virus, but is spared by the heroic efforts of Dustin Hoffman to catch a monkey.

Well, you see a lot of sexy female vampires in movies, but the male vampires generally look sexy (or at least normal), too.

But I’ve seen cases where the male vampires look kinda creepy, while the female vampires look cute (until they want to look evil) – the original Fright Night, for instance.

I don’t recall there being any male vampires in Bordello of Blood – maybe the first male victims turned into vampires, but I’ve never been able to watch enough of it to find out.

The girls in* Zombie Strippers *started off hot, but they stayed hot looking – and not very undead at all – after they transformed.

“Elizabeth” in* Frankenhooker* didn’t have any trouble attracting men after she was reanimated, despite looking somewhat mismatched.

What’s her name in the nightmare before Christmas.

John Carpenter’s Vampires. Master Vampire bites gorgeous hooker (on the inside of the thigh :eek:). Gorgeous hooker is captured by heroic (?) vampire hunter team and used as a human homing beacon to locate the vampire’s roost. She very slowly turns vampire herself, continuing to be (mostly) gorgeous except for red eyes and being kind of sweaty. For some (e.g., stoners), that’s still pretty hot.

Seems like a bookend opposite to the horror-movie meme in which, when the Evil starts killing off teenagers, the sexy seductive female is always the first victim and it is the prim proper good girl who stands a chance of survival.

Well, not quite./ The Sexy Seductive girl can certainly be among the first victims (she’s the first girl to go in return of the Living Dead). The point is, she gets to stay seductive-looking and unhindered.
As in much of life, it helps in a horror movie to be a sexy young woman.

It’s an extremely common trope among alien/fantasy creatures as well. The males of the species are gigantic bumpy mis-shapen freaks. The females are swimsuit models with some body paint and a sexy prosthetic forehead.

Hmmm…this even goes back to ERB’s Tarzan. The queen of Opar is your standard haughty Lost Civilization princess who cannot understand the Strange Emotions she feels while looking upon this stranger, while the males of Opar are subhuman cavemen.

You do get your occasional sexy male vampire, or sexy male werewolf, or sexy male demon. I mean, Twilight exists, and there’s the sexy urban fantasy genre with sexy male fill-in-the-blanks.

I’d guess that a large part of this is a calculation on movie-makers’ part on Who Will Be Buying the Tickets. Proverbially, for decades, it’s been assumed that the movie business is driven by the tastes of young males—who presumably don’t mind seeing gigantic bumpy mis-shapen male aliens, but who would prefer to see swimsuit-model female aliens.

I think Bride of Frankenstein is an early example of this. It wasn’t an infection but both Boris Karloff’s and Elsa Lanchester’s characters went through a similar reanimation process. But you can compare their appearances afterwards.

You can see the contrast in the 1991 remake. Here’s Clancy Brown as the Monster and Jennifer Beals as the Bride.

The example that immediately occurred to me was Zerg infestation in Starcraft. Infested Terran Marines look a lot less sexy than Infested Kerrigan.

First thought: “There is no Dana, there is only Zuul.”

Also Angel. Guy Demon? Spiky face, green skin. Girl demon? Amy Acker with a skin-tight outfit.

Yeah…Kerrigan complete with built-in Zerg exoskeleton high-heels.

I didn’t see (or want to see) Jennifer’s Body, but judging from the commercials the basic premise was that Megan Fox suffers from demonic possession or something but continues to look like Megan Fox throughout.

Is there anytime this doesn’t happen? Assuming that the men look gross, isn’t there always at least one woman who doesn’t?

Also consider She-Hulk…

Lots of zombie movies don’t feature any “sexy” zombies of either gender. Most appearances by the 'Borg in Star Trek didn’t, until they introduced the Borg Queen in First Contact.

Consider her compared to who? There’s a lot of gamma-powered heroes in Marvel. Some of them are, well, abominations, but others get a pretty good deal out of the experience. Even your standard model isn’t exactly hideous, depending on how much you’re into big muscles. Granted, women tend to get a more conventionally attractive result than men, but not always.

Actually the movie addressed this issue. It explicitly said that demonic possession made Jennifer more attractive as long as she killed other victims.