sexy seniors.. who would you screw?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine…

Which person over the age of 60 would you most like to have sex with? Or, perhaps a better way to phrase it, which would be the least objectionable?

I don’t want to offend any seniors here… but i’ve probably already done that :I

For me, I’d go with Sean Connery.

If I had to pick a woman, it’d be Florence Henerson. Wow… just checked IMDB… she’ll be 67 in a couple weeks!

In five years it’ll probably be Bill Clinton and Goldie Hawn.

Umm are Raquel Welch & Barbara Eden over 60? I know Sophia Loren is. Dolly Parton is no spring chicken.

I just had to check this thread to make sure some Gen Xer wasn’t calling people over 40 “seniors”.


Sean Connery, though he’s looking a bit leathery these days. And in 12 years when my SO turns 60, I am sure I’ll still want to have sex with him. :smiley:

BILL CLINTON!? :eek: blechhhh.

That singer from Herman’s Hermits. Peter Noone or something? Saw him on cable at some reunion show. He’s a cutie pie!

How old is Lynda Carter? I don’t think she’s sixty yet. Maybe I could wait in line and be there on her birthday. :wink:

I was going to mention Catherine Deneuve to end the debate from this side of the aisle, but somehow or another I don’t think you would exactly “screw” her.

Saw a recent pic of Barbara Eden - she didn’t look as tho she was holding up that well. Might have been a bad day.

How old are Joey Heatherton and Ann Margaret?

As if everyone here doesn’t know my answer…

Ralph Nader of course, soon to be 67.
Any time. any where.


Gregory Peck—hubba hubba!

Most of the above women, plus Helen Mirrin.

“Ralph Nader of course, soon to be 67.
Any time. any where.”

—He’s probably pretty exhausted right now, having recently screwed the entire country . . .

Good one Eve; but that thread’s already been done.

Mmmm…off the top of my head, Patrick Stewart and Sean Connery on the men’s side and Ann-Margaret and Sophia Loren on the ladies.

I agree with Dinsdale about Catherine D. She takes that slow thorough lovin’ and I imagine she gives as good as she gets (did you see The Hunger?). :slight_smile: I saw a publicity photo of Eartha Kitt recently that was just steaming! rowl

Harrisson Ford. :slight_smile:

Robert Redford, or Bob as I affectionately call him…

I don’t think Harrison Ford’s 60 yet, is he? Neither, I think, is Isabella Rosellini, but I’d do either of 'em.

Jack Nicholson. Sure, he looked better when he was younger but I’d so do him in an instant. (Plus i’m young. I’m sure he’d like that.)

I’m not sure if he is 60 yet, but he must be close… David Bowie. In a heartbeat.

I didn’t realize Patrick Stewart was in the 60’s. I’d boink him to.

Sean Connery is still on my list.

Ringo Starr is looking better than ever.

While George Harrison and Paul McCartney aren’t aging terribly welll, I think they will always be on my list.

As for the ladies, I’d list:
Earha Kitt–Mrrowww!
The woman with the super high pointy boobs (I can’t remember her name right now, but I remember someone posting a link to her site here…she is a World War II era uber blond babe who I believe has very high breasts due to some odd thing like the muscles attaching higher up on the chest than what is normal…hope that helps to ring bells for somebody to produce her name).

I’m sure I’m missing tons…there are many sexy seniors out there.

Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren, Eartha Kitt, Catherine Deneuve… mmmmmmm.

Pam Grier is only 52, so it’ll be a bit before she qualifies under the rules of the OP. But mmm, again.

And, of course, my wife, in… let’s see… 27 years.

I just remembered…the super pointy boob woman is Mamie Van Doren.