Sexy underwear for men?

I want to be more sexy when hanging out in my underwear around the house.

What does sexy underwear for men mean? I suspect it’s probably the exact opposite of what men would pick for women: showing a lot of skin, leaving nothing to the imagination, etc. I would imagine something sequined with lots of glitter and rhinestones.

A thong?
Form-fitting underwear?
Underwear emblazoned with hearts/lip marks/ whatever?
I suspect what someone else considers “sexy” varies from other person to other person. Easiest way to answer this is to ask.

Boxer briefs.

My hubby would never wear ‘sexy underwear’ per se, but the first time I ever saw him in a pair of boxer briefs (he had always worn plain old briefs, previously), my reaction was “Hubba-hubba!” I’ve even bought him a few pairs in colors I particularly like. He says they’re more comfortable than briefs, offer more support than boxers (he’s never liked boxers anyway), and I think they’re way better looking than either of those!

It’s in the eye of the beholder. I had a GF who thought boxers were just for old men and would buy me those tight Euro-style banana hammocks. My wife thinks they’re ridiculous and is ambivalent about boxer briefs; she likes me either in boxers or nothing.


From some movie I saw once:

"Women dressed only in stockings look sexy.   Men look ridiculous."

IMHO, the same is true for underwear in general unless you’re built like an actual underwear model.

Another vote for boxer briefs.

Boxer briefs. Black ones. Designer ones that give a little… um… lift.

I once saw a man’s thong where the front had an elephant’s head, sans trunk…at least, until the underwear was worn.

Boxer briefs.

I have heard the same idea as:

…and whenever I am wearing my over-the-calf business socks, underwear and a shirt with a half-tied tie, running around to find something I need before I finish getting dressed, and my kids or wife see me and start giggling, I realize how true the quote is…

…by the same token, a woman in a “boyfriend” shirt - notice there is no equivalent marketed to men…

Ohhh, man.

There was an ad for a men’s cologne back in the 1980s which featured a hot brunette wandering around her SO’s apartment while he was gone. She put on one of his dress shirts (with pretty much nothing on underneath it), and spritzed on his cologne. The phone rang, she picked it up, and said, all breathless, “I was just thinking about you.”

Damn. I’ll be in my bunk.

One more vote for boxer briefs. Nummy.

Yeah I have a feeling “sexy underwear” for men would just be like a tuxedo.

IIRC (and often I don’t. . .) that ad was for Brut. I like the smell of Brut, but hubby never wears cologne, and on the very rare occasion he does, it’s Old Spice. :rolleyes:

Oh well. I like him anyway. :slight_smile:

Well I’ve always had a thing for a man in a jockstrap, but it sounds like the OP want’s to impress a straight woman more than he dose a gay man. :o

What’s wrong with Old Spice?

I’ve gotten many compliments on how good I smell wearing Old Spice. I switch it up between a few of the “Red Zone” line of scents.

Maybe you mean he wears the original Old Spice? Like, in that old off-white conical bottle? Yeah, I remember my dad wearing that and it’s pretty caustic…

Actually, IMO actual cologne is generally too powerful…99% of the time I just use a matching scent body wash and deodorant. Sometimes, like if I’m going out or whatnot, I’ll use a matching scene body spray, but just a bot, not the whole “spray half the bottle on yourself” thing some guys tend to do.

Again, boxer briefs. Like Sattua said, black ones are sexiest.

So…I’m the only one who thinks boxer briefs looks silly, then? Boxers (not the stiff ones grampa wears, but a silk or jersey fabric) look much nicer. Especially if they cling to his behind in just the right way…