SF Affirmative action "field trip"

Basically, the San Francisco School Board is giving kids the day off to protest the demise of affirmative action. Such a ludicrous thing could only happen here in SF. I’m a little surprised to see the superintendent of Berkeley opposed to the idea. But I’m sure that the ‘field trip’ from SF will inspire a few Berkeley students to join in.

Here are some interesting quotes:

Seems to me it would send an even more powerful message that they don’t care about the law, and are willing to expend great effort to accomplish nothing at all. Teaching children to break the law is something SF wants?

As if just because liberals want something, it must be a “civil right”.

So IOW state and federal dollars are being used to support SF’s pet cause.

Thanks, TheRyan, for pulling out some of the more ridiculous quotes. The scary thing is, a lot of the people discussing this on the KFOG morning show don’t seem to mind. One can only imagine the outrage if it were an anti-AA rally. It seems to be using state money to further a political agenda.