Affirmative Action Bake Sale!

Muffins and bagels:

Whites and Asians: $1.00.

Blacks and other underrepresented minorities: $0.80.
Yes, it happened. At the University of Michigan, to protest their affirmative action admissions policies, by a student-run newspaper. They made $17 and donated it to the United Negro College Fund.

I think it takes the argument and extrapolates it to a situation where most people would agree the idea of affirmative action is ridiculous. Interesting.

“Discuss. Not too heatedly.”

Bonus points for identifying where that quote came from.

To be more in line with current policies, they should have charged Asians $1.20.

$17, huh? Not much of an endorsment for the con side of the AA debate on campus.

I somehow doubt they were doing it for the money. Sounds more like they were making a point. And at only a dollar or less per bagel, there wouldnt be much profit built in so $17 is probably not that bad for a couple hours effort. I think it is a great commentary on the absurdity of affirmitive action.

Well, yeah, it was a protest aimed at the UM’s Affirmative Action policy. They were trying to make a point.

Bagels with cream cheese are delicious, but bagels with irony are even more fun. :smiley:


That is one of the best, most inventive, student protests I have ever heard of. I love it!

Irony bagels provide the minimum daily allowance of Fe; they are recommended for women with very heavy periods. :slight_smile:

UCLA had an earlier affirmative action bake sale on Feb. 3. Two funny aspects. Students selling the cookies were assigned name tags portraying them as “Uncle Tom,” “The White Oppressor” and “Self-Hating Hispanic Race Traitor.” Also, Chairman of the California Democratic Party Art Torres was foolish enough to address the bake sale and disapprove. No sense of humor.